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Top of The (Pure Barre) Class: Pure Inspiration From Emileigh

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Pure Inspiration: Meet Emileigh - Pure Barre Blog

It’s Back-to-School Time! While you’re picking out your “first day of class” ensemble and prepping your supplies, take a break to enjoy this story from Emileigh, a former student who found the perfect stress outlet in Pure Barre.

I had always thought about trying Pure Barre, and one day in February 2014, a friend of mine finally asked me to come to a class with her. By the end of February, I was completely hooked! Within the first week, I saw changes in my body that I hadn’t seen with any other exercise I had tried- and I actually loved going. I immediately cancelled my gym membership and immersed myself in Pure Barre almost every day. Three months later, I graduated from pharmacy school and had achieved my idea of a “graduation ready” body. I proudly walked my Pure Barre ledge across the stage and it felt amazing!

The one thing I love most about Pure Barre is that it is a perfect storm of things that I love that make me feel my best. It’s a culmination of exercise (and thus endorphins and a great body), positive attitudes, friendships, support, and retail therapy! I can drag myself into my Pure Barre studio after the worst day ever, and it never fails that I leave in a much happier state of mind and with a more positive outlook on life. The ladies at Pure Barre Riverchase are inspiring to me in so many different ways, and I literally can’t live without my tri-weekly (or more, depending on work!) dose of Pure Barre.

Of course my body has tightened up significantly since starting Pure Barre. I was never in “bad shape” and I have always exercised regularly, but Pure Barre has taken my body to a new level Pure Inspiration: Meet Emileigh - Pure Barre Blogand I have been able to push myself unlike I have with other exercises (such as running or weights) because of the rough impact on the body. However, the biggest change I have experienced since starting Pure Barre is that I have become more happy living in a city where I originally had no family or friends, and now I have something to look forward to with Pure Barre being right down the road. Whenever I think about moving back to Florida to be near my family, my first thought it, “…but what about my Pure Barre Riverchase family? What would I do without them?!”

For someone considering Pure Barre, I would advise that they throw on some black leggings, a cute tank and some socks and just go for it! What have you got to lose? I wish that I had gone sooner than I did, because a positive outlet and somewhere to de-stress and make new friends was EXACTLY what I needed during pharmacy school!

 -From Emileigh Wilhite, client at Pure Barre Birmingham – Riverchase.

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