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From Workaholic to Pure Barre Addict: Meet Desiree

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Pure Inspiration: Desiree Brown - Pure Barre Blog

As we gear up for the “Back to the Barre” challenge, we’re loving this story from Desiree, a Pure Barre enthusiast who got her start during our last national challenge. Read on to learn how the right mindset, and the spirit of a good Pure Barre challenge, offered up the perfect opportunity to tuck her way to a healthier, happier life.

I am a complete and total workaholic who has been in desperate need of some reason (other than going home to eat dinner) to leave work at a decent hour. I’m not married and don’t have children, so I found myself always making up excuses to stay at work just 5 more minutes … which sometimes turned into hours, or obsessively stressing out about my next work deadline. One day, I noticed Pure Barre had a location next door to a Buffalo Wild Wings my friends and I frequently ate lunch. I was ecstatic because I was desperately looking for a barre class to replace the one I had taken 3 years earlier, before moving to a different part of Dallas. I walked in, talked to the owner Giselle, and instantly went home to sign up.

My first day of class was March 1st, the first day of the March Madness event. I signed up immediately, as the competitive side of me was up for the challenge and I wanted to make the most of my new client first month pass. Not only did I enjoy the class (even though I was aching and burning in places that I didn’t know I had) but I also found the teachers to be so caring and friendly that I now call them my after-work BFFs! By my second class, they knew me by name and would yell out encouragement during classes. I loved that. Two months later, I completed 23 classes for March Madness, 18 classes in April, and signed up for another year of this craziness. The best part is now I have a reason to pack up and leave my office 30 minutes before my weekday classes and have something to look forward to at the end of a stressful day! My friends and coworkers are so impressed that I actually “gave up” my workaholic behavior and have noticed that my stress level has significantly decreased, and my health has improved! I love that I have new friends I get to work out with 4 days a week. It’s probably the best decision I have made for myself in a long time!

Pure Inspiration: Desiree Brown - Pure Barre BlogMost importantly, I love the teachers. I recently told Giselle, the owner of Pure Barre Addison, that if it weren’t for her, Bailey, Sara, Wendy, and the other teachers and staff, I would not have returned day after day. They really make me feel like part of a family, and I consider them close friends, and we share with each other what’s going on in our lives regularly. I love that no two classes are the same, and that each day the routine is slightly different. Those 55 minutes fly by because you don’t necessarily know what is coming next!

While I haven’t noticed too much change weight/inches wise, I have noticed an improvement in my strength and endurance. I can get through the arm exercises without dropping my weights, which is a huge improvement. I’m getting much better at doing push-ups and other arm-strengthening exercises, which is the part of my body that I struggle with the most. Most importantly, I feel good about my workout and feel like I am slowly accomplishing something huge as some of the routines get easier.

My advice for others new to Pure Barre: 1) Don’t worry about your body or activity level when you go to class and 2) Don’t worry if you aren’t perfect for weeks or even months at the movements. Everyone struggles for the first couple of weeks of class – even if they are in the best shape and appear to have perfect bodies. With each class taken, you improve your posture, strength, balance, and endurance. The first week, you probably won’t be able to do some of the moves – I know I couldn’t – but the second week, you will get better!

-From Desiree Brown, Pure Barre enthusiast from Addison, TX.

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