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Achieve Your Goals by Meal Planning

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Pure Barre 5 Day Meal Planner

Maintaining a busy work, family and social schedule is hard to balance. Often times, we sacrifice our health goals to meet the demand of a busy schedule. However, planning in advance can help you meet your goals, all while balancing your busy schedule! Planning out your time is not only helpful to stay on track for the Back to the Barre Challenge, but also helps maintain optimal health. This is why we have created a Pure Barre 5 Day Meal Planner! Click here to download.

Schedule out your week, decrease your trips to the grocery store and save money by planning healthy meals and snacks ahead of time.

How to use the Pure Barre 5 Day Meal Planner:

  • Print your Pure Barre 5 Day Meal Planner (and make lots of copies!)
  • Start with your activities you already have scheduled. Do you know you have dinner plans with an old friend on Wednesday? Write it down. Have a soccer team dinner after the game on Tuesday? Write it down. Have an office lunch on Friday? Write it down.
  • Now go back through and fill in the empty boxes. Plan your lunch and dinner for each day (be sure to consider leftovers as a lunch option).
  • Fill in your breakfast and snack options for the week. It’s OK if they are similar each day!
  • Once you have completed your 5 Day Meal Planner, create your grocery list.

Need recipe ideas? Check out the yummy and healthy recipes at Pure Fuel.

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