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Behind the Barre: Meet Giselle

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Behind the Barre: Giselle of Addison, TX

Giselle, owner of Pure Barre Addison, is a lawyer, a mother, a triathlete and an inspiration to the Pure Barre community. If you are considering making your lifestyle your business, keep reading for Giselle’s words of wisdom.

Giselle, owner of Pure Barre Addison, fell in love with Pure Barre during her first class. The studio was a place for her to regain focus and de-stress. “I walked out of the studio feeling exhausted, pushed, intrigued and ready for more!  I loved the small class size, and the intimate features of the studio, but most of all I loved how in that hour I could just unwind and focus on myself!” Giselle fell in love with Pure Barre at a turning point in her life. “At that time, I was doing a lot of Pure Barre – between practicing law, being a wife and mom of three young boys, community work, and everything in between, I felt connected to myself during my time at the barre.” She was looking for balance in her life. “I found myself. I felt challenged. I felt strong. And I felt mentally refreshed after class, like I could take on the world when I left the barre. Pure Barre quickly became my stress relief and a way for me to find balance in my crazy world of deadlines, commitments, calendar-juggling, and sippy cups!”

Giselle didn’t just love the life balance that Pure Barre gave her, she was also blown away by the physical results Pure Barre delivered. “As a runner, swimmer, and someone who loves the challenge of triathlon, I was surprised at how weak my core was prior to doing Pure Barre.  I fell in love with the technique.  Pure Barre gave me the long, lean muscle definition that I had never experienced before, as well as killer upper body strength!” By this point, she was hooked. “I wanted other women and men to experience what I was experiencing – a place of support, strength, and a respite from the stresses of everyday life!” This “ah-ha” moment is when Giselle decided to open a studio of her own!

In her previous life, Giselle practiced construction and commercial law, and states that her skills as a lawyer helped her transition into being a successful studio owner. “From negotiating contracts, managing the studio build out, focusing on client service and appreciation, to managing my talented team – I use my skills as a lawyer every day in running my business.” Giselle mentions that she works more now than she did in her lawyer life, and how she loves her work. Like the saying goes, “when you do something you love, you don’t work a day in your life!” She loves all of the hats she wears as a studio owner, stating “it’s refreshing to engage in so many diverse roles – from social media, to human resources, payroll, quality control and teacher training, to retail and studio maintenance, and of course client satisfaction and appreciation!”

Behind the Barre: Meet Giselle of Addison, TX

Giselle believes that Pure Barre studio owners are “Creative, flexible, passionate, open-minded and hard-workers. You will be challenged and pushed, but in the end the sense of fulfillment can be so rewarding.” Her advice for someone considering opening their own Pure Barre studio is to “Trust your instincts and don’t try to fit any type of mold. Be yourself. Do the research, learn the brand, talk to other owners, soul search. If you feel in your gut after proper reflection that it’s the right decision for you, take that leap of faith! The only adventures you will regret are the ones you didn’t take!”

She has found owning and managing her own business to be extremely rewarding. One of the things she loves the most about owning a Pure Barre studio is the ability she has to help a client change their life. “I am genuinely moved to hear client feedback and how the technique is changing the lives of my clients. I love when they share their success stories – how they set personal goals and crush them, like moving up to heavier weights, holding the plank, fitting into an old pair of jeans. I get goosebumps every time!” You might remember reading Desiree’s story on our blog last month, “From workaholic to Pure Barre addict,” where Desiree shared how inspirational Giselle and the Pure Barre Addison team (pictured above) have been for her. Desiree stated “They really make me feel like part of a family, and I consider them close friends, and we share with each other what’s going on in our lives regularly.” Giselle agrees, “I have an incredible team whom I am blessed to work with every day!  Their love for Pure Barre and for our studio inspires me to be the best owner that I can be. THEY make work FUN! More than colleagues, we have truly become a family and today I can’t imagine my life without a single one of them.”

Giselle also loves being a part of the unique Pure Barre studio owner community. “I have enjoyed the opportunity to meet other Pure Barre owners along the way. The network of owners is comprised of such an inspiring, creative group of women. I am thankful for the friendships and mentoring I have received from our amazing seasoned and veteran owners. Even more, I have really enjoyed ‘paying it forward’ by helping new owners through the opening process!” Courtney and Karen of Pure Barre Coppell, expressed their gratitude for Giselle in saying that they are “overwhelmed by the generosity of Pure Barre Addison and their owner, Giselle Gafford, who continues to go above and beyond to support us.”

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