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Behind the Barre: Meet Tanya

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Behind the Barre: Meet Tanya

Tanya Schneider, owner of Pure Barre Vancouver KItsilano soon to open, knew something was missing in her community. Keep reading to find out how Tanya is combining all her passions to improve her city.

For years, those who have tried Pure Barre classes while visiting the US or through our DVDs have been hoping for a studio to open in the Vancouver area. We are very excited to announce that Tanya will be opening our first Vancouver studio in KItsilano! Martha Albergotti, VP of Franchise Development at Pure Barre Corporate, said “At Pure Barre, we are focused on aligning ourselves with only the strongest franchisees, and we believe Tanya is the ideal entrepreneur to open Vancouver’s first Pure Barre studio. With her enthusiasm for sharing the technique and strong local ties, she will be an excellent ambassador.”

Tanya fell in love with Vancouver because it thrives on fitness, health and community – which fit perfectly with her passion for connecting people through health and mind/body awareness. She knew that the only thing the west coast of Canada was missing was a local Pure Barre studio!

Tanya is always learning, and before becoming a Pure Barre studio owner, she had been a continuous student since 2006. Not only does she have a Bachelor’s Degree in Religious Studies from the University in Hamilton, Ontario, she has also studied sustainable living at an organic farm, is a yoga instructor and has completed her certification in holistic nutrition. She has learned so much about herself, her passions and her work ethic by opening Pure Barre Vancouver KItsilano. The most enjoyable part of the studio opening process for Tanya has been hiring Pure Barre teachers. Tanya told us “This has been incredibly empowering, as it is freeing to provide a space where I encourage others to be themselves in the workplace just as I do for myself.”

Her advice to someone considering opening their own Pure Barre studio is to “stick with it if you really want it, because you absolutely can do it! And do not to be afraid to lean on your support system as you go! Having supportive people around me has been the most essential tool.” Tanya is very grateful for the support from other Pure Barre studio owners. She said “The Pure Barre community of owners is special in that we do not treat each other as competition but rather as peers, colleagues, and family. From the beginning of my personal journey I have felt comfortable reaching out to owners from across Pure Barre Nation, and each time they have connected with me authentically with encouragement and support.” Tanya is grateful to be a Pure Barre studio owner, stating “There is a sense of pride that comes with being a Pure Barre owner, and a lot of that is related to associating with this impressive network of entrepreneurs.”

The support she has received opening a studio didn’t stop with the wonderful community of franchisees. Tanya states, “The Pure Barre corporate team truly makes this journey possible by keeping close contact with us each week and providing easy step-by-step guidance. In addition, as unpredictable variables come into play, the corporate team is there to help navigate. I have never felt alone at any point in this process.”

Learn more about Tanya and her passion for the Vancouver community!

Behind the Barre: Meet Tanya

Tanya holding a plank on the beautiful Vancouver coast!

Pure Barre: What is your favorite lunch spot in Vancouver KItsilano?

Tanya: I am so lucky that my studio will be located right next door to Tractor! Tractor is an incredible healthy lunch spot in the neighborhood where you can order a variety of gourmet grain or kale salads along with grilled avocado or chicken. There is no doubt that my team and I will frequent Tractor multiple times a week!

Pure Barre: What is the best kept secret in Vancouver KItsilano?

Tanya: The Kitsilano dog beach is my beach of choice, regardless of whether or not you have a pet. Culprit café is also an incredible holistic café which offers coconut oil in their coffee along with various homemade nut mylks and gluten free snacks! Culprit is any holistic nutritionist’s café dream!

Pure Barre: What community activities are you involved in?

Tanya: I often volunteer my services as a yoga teacher, and recently have been teaching for various girls programs for Iviva. This has been incredibly rewarding as I get to connect with girls at a very significant time of their lives when their mind/body awareness is developing. You can also find me taking care of various individual’s dogs at the dog beach. This is one of my favorite ways to enjoy the beautiful nature that we have while also meeting new people and helping others!

Pure Barre: On a typical Saturday you can find me…

Tanya: Hiking up one of the local mountains with friends and family, and taking in some of the most incredible views in the whole world!

Pure Barre: Do you have kids or pets?

Tanya: I recently adopted a beautiful rescue dog, Chloe! She is one year old and is the perfect combination of cuddle companion and mountain explorer.

Pure Barre: Tell us something about you that your new Pure Barre clients might not know.

Tanya: I have a passion for organic gardening and growing food! I used to have a garden with friends at my sister’s gorgeous farm outside of the city, but this year I moved it to my own patio! Growing food is one of the most rewarding experiences which makes you feel connected to the earth and your food supply!

Congratulations to Tanya on her new Pure Barre studio opening! Find out more by visiting the Pure Barre Vancouver Kitsilano website here.

Want to learn more about the life of a Pure Barre studio owner? Head on over to our franchising site.

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