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Behind the Barre: Meet Jessica

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Meet Jessica owner of Pure Barre Elm Grove

Jessica, owner of Pure Barre Elm Grove and Pure barre Whitefish Bay, was a personal trainer and marathon runner, and Pure Barre caught her attention when one class “kicked her butt!” Keep reading to find out why being a Pure Barre studio is the perfect fit for her.

Pure Barre: When did you first fall in love with Pure Barre?

Jessica: Pure Barre caught my attention about 5 years ago I took my first class. It was more of a love/hate relationship, but I was definitely interested in learning more about what had just happened to me! At the time I was a personal trainer, cycling and group fitness coach, running marathons to keep in shape. All of that and Pure Barre still kicked my butt. That’ll get anyone’s attention!

Pure Barre: What inspired you to open your own studio?

Jessica: I majored in Exercise Physiology at Marquette University and after personal training for 8 years, I had the amazing opportunity to be a store manager for lululemon athletica.  During my 3 years with the company, I learned what it takes to run a business, lead a team, while spreading brand awareness through strong community connections. This experience opened my eyes to skills I didn’t know I had, but my passion for fitness and wellness wouldn’t go away. Opening a Pure Barre studio was the perfect combination of the two skill sets and I couldn’t be happier!

Pure Barre: What is special about the Pure Barre community of owners?

Jessica: I think it’s extremely rare to be a small business owner with a support system of 300+ owners, ready and willing to help however they can. Many people told me owning a business can be a lonely job at times, but I’ve never once felt that.

Pure Barre: How has the Pure Barre Corporate team supported you thus far?

Jessica: There is always someone available if you need them. One thing I appreciate most is the way they encourage innovation and entrepreneurial spirit. They offer ideas and support, but they don’t advocate cookie-cutter studios and actions. They allow us to create our own businesses in order to build even stronger brand awareness.

Pure Barre: What advice would you offer to someone considering opening their own Pure Barre studio?

Jessica: If you are self-motivated, thrive on a busy schedule, and love inspiring people to live a healthy life – DO IT NOW! While I’m in constant motion, I love our staff and clients so much that it’s hard for me to differentiate between work and fun.

Pure Barre Elm Grove's Mascot Uno

Pure Barre: What is your favorite breakfast/lunch spot in Elm Grove?

Jessica: Story Hill BKC. Everything on the menu is amazing, but I love the frittata. Almost as great as the food is the decor and staff!

Pure Barre: What is the best kept secret in your studio’s neighborhood?

Jessica: The Oak Leaf Trail is a perfect way to get outside for a run, walk or bike ride. At this time of year, it’s a perfect way to see the Fall colors.

Pure Barre: What community activities are you involved in?

Jessica: I am a lululemon ambassador which keeps me connected to the Milwaukee fitness community. This provides me with various opportunities to take part in events that aim to bring fitness and wellness to all walks of life.

Pure Barre: Complete this phrase. On a typical Saturday, you can find me…

Jessica: taking class in the morning, then taking my dog for a run or walk in a local park, followed by a little college football (go Bucky!) and hanging out with friends.

Pure Barre:  Do you have kids or pets?

Jessica: I have a 9 month old rescue puppy named Uno (pictured above). She specializes in anything that requires tons of energy! Based on how she cries outside the studio door, she thinks she should be doing Pure Barre too!

Pure Barre: Tell us something interesting that your new Pure Barre clients might not know about you.

Jessica: I have an insane memory! Whether I want to remember it or not, I do. In fact, I probably remember what they wore to their first Pure Barre class!

Congratulations to Jessica on her second Pure Barre studio opening! Find out more by visiting the Pure Barre Elm Grove website.

Want to learn more about the life of a Pure Barre studio owner? Head on over to our franchising site.

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