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7 Can’t Miss Gifts for Your Guy this Christmas

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Pure Barre: Men's Holiday Gift Ideas

Shopping for your guy is rarely an easy endeavor, but once the holidays hit things get even tougher. To help make his Christmas merry and yours a little less stressful, we’ve put together a list of seven great gift ideas your man is sure to love.

  1. Sure, these days a guy can stream just about any song ever through his phone, laptop or tablet and beam it to his stereo through Bluetooth. But when it comes to playing records, it’s about more than just the music. Enter the Gramovox, which puts the record on full display and plays it through dynamic, full-range speakers, making the most out of his album indulgence.
  2. Guys like to look, feel, and smell their best, but they don’t want to feel silly about it. Fulton & Roark is a men’s fragrance and grooming company that specializes in creating colognes and other products designed for the way men get ready. Each of their colognes smells amazing, but instead of traditional spray cologne their fragrances are in a solid, wax-based format, making them perfect for traveling or getting ready on the go. Plus, the refillable metal containers are something he’ll want to keep around all the time.
  3. Ask a guy about the Christmas he got a bicycle, and you’re likely to see his face light up as he recalls a pinnacle moment of his childhood. Give him that feeling again with the Brilliant Astor model. While this bike isn’t designed to win the Tour de France, he’ll likely feel a lot more comfortable biking around town on this beauty than he would a the mountain bike he got when he was 14.
  4. In addition to never knowing the bliss that is a good pair of Pure Barre leggings, there’s another downside to being a guy with good fashion sense. When it comes to clothing, your man typically has to choose between function and fashion when he gets dressed. Aether’s line of clothes (they carry women’s clothes, too!) offers smart and sophisticated looks that perform as well as his favorite outdoor gear. Using top-notch materials, Aether specializes in coats that look suave but keep a guy as warm and dry as a big ugly parka.
  5. If your guy considers himself an entertainer, a decanter is a great addition to his bar. For one, it looks much better than a half-empty bottle of booze sitting on the shelf. Even better, a decanter is a great way to store liquor that he’s infused himself. And with the option to monogram the topper, this modern decanter makes it clear who’s running the bar. To complete the gift, consider throwing in a recipe for bacon-infused bourbon, apple and spice Applejack, or chili lime tequila.
  6. Iced coffee is all the rage, and for good reason. That stuff is delicious! But enjoying good iced coffee at home requires either taking the time to brew it slowly or pulling out some algebra and chemistry skills to figure out how to brew coffee strong enough to survive being poured over ice. With the Coil, your guy can make himself great iced coffee without the shenanigans. An ice-filled ceramic container cools regular pour-over coffee down in a matter of minutes, and it’s manly design means he’ll will want to keep it proudly on display on his kitchen counter.
  7. When it comes to pocketknives, it seems like there are two kinds of guys out there: guys who have one and guys who want one. Help him indulge the dream he’s had since he was 8 without giving him something that looks like it was designed for a zombie apocalypse. These beautifully crafted knives are just as beautiful as they are handy.

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