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Putting Yourself First: Ways To Be Happier and More Successful.

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Pure Barre: Putting Yourself First

Tanya, owner of Pure Barre Vancouver, enjoying Kitsilano Beach.

The holidays are one of the busiest times of the year. Between deadlines, holiday parties and holiday shopping – it can seem like there is never a spare moment for yourself. But that doesn’t mean that it can’t happen!

Women, especially during the holidays, can slip to the bottom of their own priority lists because they are busy caring for others, meeting year-end goals and being all around wonder women. However, taking time for yourself during these busy times can actually make you more focused, inspired and happy. This holiday season prioritize you with these tips below.

  1. Plan time for you every day. Whether it is 10 minutes to walk by yourself in the middle of the day (without your phone!), taking a long lunch or 55 minutes at the barre – schedule time to prioritize yourself and your needs every day. Take ownership of your “me time” and return to your busy life feeling refreshed and ready to take on the rest of your to-do list.
  2. Make healthy habits a part of your lifestyle. Prioritize your health by scheduling time to exercise, make healthy food choices and attend doctors’ appointments. Making these healthy everyday choices a part of your routine (and not letting them fall by the way side) will keep you feeling great and more energized. Others will notice too!
  3. Focus on healthy relationships. The holidays are as much about people and relationships as they are about celebrating and gifts. Take a second to recognize the negative relationships in your life, and choose to instead focus on the relationships that are most important to you. Don’t let yourself be distracted by that negative person. Feel good about the fact that the relationships you choose will support you and your goals.
  4. Enjoy  your hobbies! It is important to love what you do, and to also love the world outside of your work. Create time for your hobbies and interests to gain perspective and decrease your stress level. Our Pure Barre studio owners have a variety of hobbies and interests. Whether you are like Jessica and have a passion for college football, enjoy ice fishing and boating like Andrea or thrive while hiking like Tanya – our community of owners prioritize their interests in addition to their business goals.

These tips can be utilized this season and every season to drive your success. Always remember: before you can lend yourself to anyone else, you must be content with yourself. Each day and every day, YOU are a priority.

Martha Albergotti, VP of Franchise Development at Pure Barre


– By Martha Albergotti, VP of Franchise Development at Pure Barre. Martha is passionate about helping women find a career that they are passionate about! Read more articles like this one on her LinkedIn page.

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