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The Healthy Habit of Packing a Lunch

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Pure Barre: The Healthy Habit of Packing a Lunch

We get it; setting aside time during your crazy busy weeknight to make a lunch is the last thing you want to do at 10 pm. We all know that packing a lunch is healthier than dining out, but just like any other health goal, we need the appropriate tools and dedication to make it happen.

This week on the blog we will be focusing on #LunchHourMakeover’s – starting with creating this healthy habit!

Here are the top 5 reasons to pack your lunch:

  1. The food you make is more satisfying than what you buy. The satisfaction that comes with preparing and eating the lunch that you brought to work is much greater than any grab-and-go sandwich. It’s often a lot more appetizing, too. How long has that sandwich been sitting in the cooler for again?!
  2. You know what you are putting in your body and are healthier for it. Forget reading an ingredients list that is 9 lines long on pre-packaged foods. By preparing your own lunch, you are avoid the excess sugar, trans fats and salt found in prepared foods. This results in a healthier lifestyle and more energy for your busy day.
  3. Portion Control. You are not only in control of what you put into your mouth, you are also in control of your portion size. No more promising yourself you will only eat half of that huge sandwich, you can pack the amount of food that you know you need and avoid excess food waste!
  4. It saves a lot of money! Opting to pack a lunch rather than dining out doesn’t only control your waistline, it also controls your wallet. Take the $5-10 that Americans spend on average per day for lunch and put it into a jar each day. Treat yourself to a pedicure, a facial or a Pure Barre class pack!
  5. It frees up time at lunch. Skip the lunch lines and spend your lunch hour at the barre or taking a walk in this beautiful spring weather!

We know that creating new healthy habits can take a while, and we recommend starting small and building up. If packing your lunch Monday through Friday is too taxing on your busy schedule, start with 2 days per week. Gradually increase how many lunches you are bringing every 2 weeks, and soon you will be feeling healthier and have more energy! See you later, afternoon slump!

Tune into our blog this week for our #LunchHourMakeover series! We will give you meal ideas, tips and tools for brown bag success.


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