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Behind the Barre: Meet Jessica

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Behind the Barre: Meet Jessica

Supermom of four, Jessica is excited to bring Pure Barre to the Westhaven community in west Franklin, TN! Keep reading to learn more about our newest studio owner Jessica.

Pure Barre: When did you first fall in love with Pure Barre?

Jessica: In Fall 2013, when I was newly pregnant with my 4th kiddo. I was looking for an intense yet low-impact workout and I finally allowed one of my friends to drag me to a class at the Brentwood TN studio. I loved the sense of confidence I got from pushing through a class and holding each position through the final 10. Not to mention, it was (and continues to be) a very effective way for me to tone my muscles and claim some mental fortitude for the day ahead.

Pure Barre: What inspired you to open your own studio

Jessica: I have seen first-hand the physical and mental benefits that come from giving myself 55-minutes a day of this total body workout. I am thrilled to now bring Pure Barre to Westhaven, and see how it can positively touch the lives of so many other women (and brave men)! I also want to show my own children that “mommy can do it!”

Pure Barre: Tell us about your professional background.

Jessica. I received my B.A. in Social Studies and Spanish from Vanderbilt University, and also attended Vanderbilt University’s Peabody College for my Ed.D. in Education Leadership & Policy. Before opening my own studio, I was a strategic consultant for public school districts with a focus on urban and low-income communities.

Pure Barre: What is the most surprising challenge about becoming an entrepreneur that people might not consider?

Jessica: Being strategic with my time! This for me means managing priorities ahead of time to make sure I am staying on track getting the priorities accomplished. I also have to make time for the unexpected!

Learn more about Jessica and her passion for the Westhaven community!

Behind the Barre: Meet Jessica

Pure Barre: What is your favorite breakfast/lunch spot in Westhaven?

Jessica: There are many great options in the Westhaven Community. I’ll give a shout out to them all – The Perch, Scout’s Pub, High Brow Brew, Oscar’s Tacos, Ching’s Asian Bistro. We can’t wait to have The Urban Juicer opening just next door to our studio so soon!

Pure Barre: What is the best kept secret in your Westhaven?

Jessica: The women are so supportive of each other – that dynamic will only get stronger as they tackle Pure Barre together.

Pure Barre: Do you have kids or pets? Tell us all about them!

Jessica: I have 4 kids and 1 dog. I have a 9 year old son named Hiram, a 7 year old daughter named Madelyn, a 5 year old daughter named Chandler, and a 2 year old son named Corbin.

Pure Barre: What community activities are you involved in?

Jessica: I’m on the PTO at Pearre Creek Elementary. I have children both at Pearre Creek Elementary and PB&J Day School – I’m very active in supporting both schools. My children play in many sports leagues in the West Franklin and Grassland communities, and I’m a member at Westhaven Golf Club. We love supporting all the many activities and festivals that come to Westhaven!

Pure Barre: Tell us something interesting that your new Pure Barre clients might not know about you.

Jessica: I started taking Pure Barre as a client when I was pregnant. I’d love to share with them the benefits of taking Pure Barre during and following a pregnancy.

Congratulations to Jessica on her first studio opening soon! Find out more about the studio’s pre-opening special by visiting the Pure Barre Westhaven studio page here.

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