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Behind the Barre: Meet Susan

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Behind the Barre: Meet Susan

Pure Barre: When did you first fall in love with Pure Barre?

Susan: It was three years ago that I came to Pure Barre looking for something new to add to my fitness routine. I was in search of something that would spark my interest and shake things up a bit – excitement and results were definitely my end game. As quickly as I changed my body and elevated my strength, I rediscovered me. I loved everything about Pure Barre.

Pure Barre: What inspired you to open your own studio?

Susan: I always knew I wanted to open my own business. For a long time I was searching for exactly where/what that would be. I became a Pure Barre client to pursue my own personal fitness goals and it was not long before I began working as a barre-tender, and then a Pure Barre Teacher. I daresay it was from class one that I fantasized about how wonderful it would be to own my own studio. I am a person with a passion for people, fitness and health, and style. I love helping people achieve their goals, whether it be health and fitness or personal fulfillment. Pure Barre was the perfect fit for me physically, personally and professionally. I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to live my dream.

Pure Barre: Tell us about your professional background.

Susan: I graduated from The College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, MA. with a B.A. in Economics. I had a life-long love of ballet and danced right up to my college years. I came to Pure Barre from a successful career in retail and brand management followed by a more than full-time job as a single mom of three children .

Pure Barre: What advice would you offer to someone considering opening their own Pure Barre studio?

Susan: If it is right you already know it, on some level. Whether I was a client or a teacher, I was so passionate about Pure Barre I could not stop beating the Pure Barre drum. People thought I was a studio owner way before it happened. Listen to your pulse and your squeeze and your tuck, and make it happen. 

Pure Barre: How has the Pure Barre Corporate team supported you thus far?

Susan: The Corporate Team shares all they have learned and all the knowledge they have accumulated with you in an effort to make you and your studio successful. If you have a question, they have an answer. Plus, they select you as a studio owner because they believe in what you have to offer to your community. What could be better than that?

Want to learn more about the life of a Pure Barre studio owner? Click here to request more information from our team.

Learn more about Susan and her passion for the Westlake Village community!

Behind the Barre: Meet Susan

Pure Barre: What is your favorite breakfast/lunch spot in Westlake Village?

Susan: We have found the perfect place for the studio because it is near so many fabulous and healthy options! Pressed Juice is my go to place to pick-up a delicious green juice when I get on my way in the morning. I can eat breakfast, lunch and dinner at Le Pain Quotidien. Their menu is full of healthy options for every meal. I am hooked on Joi Café’s Enchiladas, made with sweet potatoes. You have to try it to understand how good they really are! I can’t skip over the Juice Ranch, my boyfriend and I both love the Jalapina Juice, but I have become obsessed with the Johnny Five Alive! I tell everyone!

Pure Barre: What is the best kept secret in your neighborhood?

Susan: There are great schools, outdoor spaces, shops and restaurants, truly offering something for everyone. It is a great place to live and to visit. The people that live here place a priority on health, fitness and community. Westlake Village has it all, and now they have Pure Barre!

Pure Barre: What community activities are you involved in?

Susan: I a member of the Conejo Valley Chamber of Commerce and the Westlake Newcomers Club. I network at the Westlake Junior Women’s Club with a number of female business owners. It has been a thrilling and empowering journey to bond with these amazing people and their businesses they are so passionate about.

Pure Barre: Do you have kids or pets?

Susan: We are a blended family with six children and four dogs. Our children are Haley (21), Alex (20), Shane (18), Cristian (18), Lucas (14) and Liam (11).  The dogs are two sets of brother and sister; Sonny and Cher who are Shitzus, and Diesel and Dolce who are a mix of Chihuahua, King Cavalier and Bichon Frise. At this point they are all one big happy family!

Pure Barre: On a typical Saturday, you can find me…

Susan: With my boyfriend heading to Pure Barre, afterwards I am doing whatever is on the calendar for the boys sporting events. If we have a free Saturday we love to head to Hermosa Beach and enjoy a day at the beach with my sister and brother-in-law and their children.

Pure Barre: Tell us something interesting that your new Pure Barre clients might not know about you.

Susan: I did not always like to plank! Shhh!

Congratulations to Susan on her new studio! Find out more about the studio’s new client special by visiting the Pure Barre Westlake Village studio page here.


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