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Washing Your Workout Clothes: Pure Barre Sticky Socks

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Washing Your Workout Clothes: Pure Barre Sticky Socks

Sticky socks: the one thing that you never want to forget to bring to class. Not only are they your lifeline during those 55 minutes (especially the 90 second plank!), they also help with balance and stability, create traction and promote circulation while you are working out. Ask any Pure Barre addict how many pairs of sticky socks they have in their bag right now, and we guarantee it’s at least two.

Don’t let your sticky socks lose their grip – follow our tips for keeping them like new:

  1. Always wash your sticky socks inside out. This will ensure they don’t lose their grip. They will also get a better clean!
  2. Wash on cold and the gentle cycle. You can machine wash your sticky socks, but avoid hot temperatures and rough cycles which can shrink and shorten the lifetime of your socks.
  3. Don’t use too much detergent. Using too much detergent for your laundry load size can cause fungal growth and lead to a mildew odor – yuck!
  4. Always air or line dry. Keep your socks soft and grippy by avoiding throwing them in the dryer. Always air dry your socks on a drying rack, or line dry them. And just in case you were wondering, there is no need to iron them either 😉

There you have it – tips to keep your sticky socks like new. Now if only someone could tell us how to get rid of the sock monster who creates the infamous mismatched sock look….but at least they’re clean right?!

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