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Washing Your Workout Clothes: Pure Barre Tights

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Washing Your Workout Clothes: Pure Barre Tights

Just like your sticky socks, Pure Barre tights are a class essential. Not only do they keep your muscles warm so you can work deeper in class, their quick dry technology and moisture wicking abilities make them a must-have for even the hardest Platform class.

Keep your tights in tip top shape so you can LTB several times per week with our washing tips:

  1. Turn them inside out. After giving it your all in class, all of the sweat and dead skin cells are now on the inside of your tights (ew). Wash your tights inside out to get the best wash, and also protect the color and printed design.
  2. Avoid fabric softener! Fabric softener can damage any fabric that stretches and cause your tights to lose their perfect fit. It also leaves behind a coating that traps smells and can lock in smelly odors, making this one a double no-no.
  3. Wash on cold and the gentle cycle. Cold water prevents shrinkage and color bleed in your tights. The fabrics in your tights are delicate, so be sure to wash them on the gentle cycle.
  4. Wash like with like. Take sorting lights and darks to the next level when it comes to your workout clothes. Avoid mixing non-performance fabrics (sweaters, jeans, towels) with your performance pieces which can be harmful, and avoid washing them with other items that have Velcro or zippers, as they can damage your tights.  If separate wash loads is not possible, try washing your tights inside a lingerie bag to protect them.
  5. Invest in a drying rack. It can take up some space, but it’s totally worth it. Air drying protects the fabrics in your tights and helps them keep their shape. Avoid throwing them in the dryer which can break down the fabrics and shorten the lifetime of your tights.

Rock your just-washed tights inside and outside the studio with our layering pieces in your local studio and on the Pure Barre shop. And remember: leggings ARE pants.

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