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Behind the Barre: Meet Leslie

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Behind the Barre Meet Leslie

In 2010, Leslie took her health into her own hands and Pure Barre was there to help her regain her confidence and strength. She is thrilled to be able to offer this same support to the Park Ridge, IL community with her new studio! Keep reading for more of Leslie’s story.

Pure Barre: When did you first fall in love with Pure Barre?

Leslie: Over 5 years ago, a friend introduced me to Pure Barre while I was living in Orange County, CA and I was immediately hooked on the Pure Barre workout and lifestyle!

Pure Barre: What inspired you to open your own studio?

Leslie: In early 2008 I found out that I carried the BRCA gene mutation that is linked to breast and ovarian cancer.  I took my life into my own hands and underwent surgery for a double preventive mastectomy with reconstruction in 2010.

After a 15-hour surgery and months of recovery, kickboxing, yoga and my typical workout routines were no longer an option. That’s when I found Pure Barre!  Pure Barre enabled me to regain my confidence and strength and I was so happy to be able to participate in each class from start to finish. I also did some lift.ton.burn all the way through my pregnancy and picked up right where I left off after having my daughter.

After helping others achieve their own financial goals for more than a decade, I was ready to focus on helping others achieve their personal fitness and health goals. I hope to inspire and empower others to look, feel and be their best and make Pure Barre a part of their daily routine. I am so excited to bring the confidence and strength that I found at Pure Barre to all of the clients at Pure Barre Park Ridge!

Pure Barre: Tell us about your professional background.

Leslie: I graduated with a degree in Finance from the University of Wisconsin – Madison.  Go Badgers! Before opening my studio, I worked in the finance industry for 13 years.  I was a private Wealth Manager and worked with ultra high-net worth individuals and families managing their entire wealth picture including their finances, investments, tax and estate planning needs.

Pure Barre: What is the most surprising challenge about becoming an entrepreneur that people might not consider?

Leslie: I dealt with so many hurdles throughout the process, but have come out stronger with a beautiful studio, incredible team and wonderful clients to show for all of the hard work. I’ve had so many ups and downs along the way, but with every challenge that has come my way, a lesson or success has followed. Running a business with a toddler at home is also not easy but I’ve had to learn the importance of being smart and efficient with my time.

Pure Barre: What advice would you offer to someone considering opening their own Pure Barre studio?

Leslie: Go for it!  It is the most rewarding thing I have ever set my mind to, but being a studio owner is a lot of hard work and also one of the best decisions I have ever made. There will be tons of unexpected challenges and hurdles, but your love for the technique and the Pure Barre brand will outweigh any hurdles that come your way.  Go for it and don’t ever look back!

Learn more about Leslie and her passion for the Park Ridge Community

Behind the Barre Meet Leslie

Pure Barre: What is your favorite breakfast or lunch spot in Park Ridge?

Leslie: Definitely the Olive Oil Cake at Holt’s in Park Ridge!

Pure Barre: Do you have kids or pets?

Leslie: My husband and I are so lucky to have an incredibly outgoing, sweet and silly three year-old, Ava.

Pure Barre: On a typical Saturday, you can find me…

Leslie: Taking class, working around the studio, grabbing brunch and hanging at the pool with my husband and 3 year old daughter (Ava).

Congratulations to Leslie on her new studio! Find out more about the studio’s new client special by visiting the Pure Barre Park Ridge studio page here.

Want to learn more about the life of a Pure Barre studio owner? Click here to request more information from our team.


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