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Behind the Barre: Meet Liz

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Behind the Barre: Meet Liz

Liz was a self-proclaimed “cardio junkie” until she found Pure Barre. Read more about her journey from client to Pure Barre Elmhurst studio owner below.

Pure Barre: When did you first fall in love with Pure Barre?

Liz: I fell in love about 2 years ago, when I was looking for a low-impact workout, due to a serious knee injury. I grew up playing soccer and transitioned into running later in life. I was your typical believer that if a workout didn’t have traditional cardio, it wasn’t a workout. Then I tried Pure Barre, got one of the most challenging workouts of my life, and got the serious itch to keep going back for more, and more! The enhanced muscle endurance,  increased flexibility and toning that you experience after just a few classes is so empowering that it just hooked me for life, and I couldn’t be happier about it!

Pure Barre: What inspired you to open your own studio?

Liz: Originally, I loved the consistency of the Pure Barre brand. No matter what studio you went to, you were greeted by friendly faces and challenged by an intense workout. Then, as I continued to learn more and more about Pure Barre, I realized that the community surrounding this phenomenal brand was way more than just people who like to exercise. They are a support system, they are inspiring, they are dedicated and they are passionate. I am a firm believer that everyone should be passionate about what they do. Having the chance open my own studio and be supported by the wonderful Pure Barre community was too great of an opportunity to pass up!

Pure Barre: Tell us about your background before Pure Barre.

Liz: I attended Indiana University- Hoo Hoo Hoo, Hoosiers! I am (clearly) a very proud alumna of IU and I majored in Journalism with minors in Business and Spanish. Prior to opening Pure Barre Elmhurst, I worked for a company called Red Frog Events, based out of Chicago! During my time there I held the position of Director of People Development.

Pure Barre: How has Pure Barre Corporate supported you thus far?

Liz: The amount of material and preparation that has already gone into building a strong brand, is really what makes Pure Barre such a strong franchise. Corporate has a lot of pride in Pure Barre and the franchisees and have put forth a serious amount of effort to continuously support owners in any way that they can.

Learn more about Liz and her passion for the Elmhurst, IL community!

Behind the Barre: Meet Liz

Pure Barre: What is your favorite breakfast/lunch spot in Elmhurst?

Liz: Egg Harbor, of course! According to me, you can get anything on the menu and it will be awesome. If you ask my husband, the only option is Matt’s Meaty Skillet.

Pure Barre: On a typical Saturday, you can find me…

Liz: Taking a Pure Barre class, of course, and then doing any sort of activity outside! If it’s above 40 degrees and sunny, I just have to be outside 🙂

Tell us something interesting that your new Pure Barre clients might not know about you.

My husband, Matt, and I just got married this past September. We are coming up on 1 year of marriage, and 7 years of being together!

I have the travel bug…very badly. Good thing for me is that my husband loves to travel too! We even went to Hong Kong and Bali for our honeymoon.

Congratulations to Liz on her new studio! Find out more about the studio’s new client special by visiting the Pure Barre Elmhurst studio page here.

Want to learn more about the life of a Pure Barre studio owner? Click here to request more information from our team.

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