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Behind the Barre: Meet Lori Owner of Pure Barre Southern Pines

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Behind the Barre: Meet Lori

Lori has a passion for people, fitness and health. A natural entrepreneur, she knew that Pure Barre was her next venture that could combine all of her interests and enable her to do what she loves! Read more of her Pure Entrepreneur story below.

When did you first fall in love with Pure Barre?

September 2014, when I took my first class. I wouldn’t say it was love at first tuck, that love came a couple days later. The studio was starting 20 classes in 31 days challenge, so I signed up for the 1 month new client special and came almost every day that month. I got hooked to the new found energy, community and AMAZING results!!!

What inspired you to open your own studio?

Honestly my husband. He knew early on Pure Barre was not just a workout for me – it is a GAME CHANGER! He encouraged me that first month to just keep going back even though I wasn’t sure what I was doing or yet understanding the Pure Barre lingo. He saw how Pure Barre was making me stronger mentally and physically way before I did, and it changed my life! At some point it just clicked! I wanted to share this passion and not just be a consumer of it, I wanted to give back and hopefully inspire others.

Tell us about your professional background before Pure Barre.

I attended Western Carolina University, studied Criminal Justice and Psychology.  In 2015-2016 I went back to school to earn the Nutrition and Holistic Health certificate from American Fitness Professional Association, and a Plant Based Nutrition Certification from eCornell. I had an interior design business named after my niece, April Grace Interiors and Fabrics for 8 years before talking a job in ministry with my local church.  The past 10 years I served as Director of Missions helping our church connect, establish relationships and meet needs local, regionally and internationally. I have a passion for helping and strengthening people and communities.

What advice would you offer to someone considering opening their own Pure Barre studio?

Think outside of the box and go against the status quo…often! Just because it hasn’t been done, doesn’t mean it cannot. Intentional look and seek to see things through a different lens. Doing this is so different from the rest of the world and can be challenging, it’s not the norm and most entrepreneurs are not the norm. Entrepreneurs are risk takers, our passion for a cause is what moves us to try the impossible.

How has the Pure Barre Corporate team supported you thus far?

It is definitely a partnership. The Pure Barre Corporate team has been an incredible resource. They are great with helping you prioritize based on detailed timelines and offer an abundance of insight. The behind the scenes resources offered to help you get your business up and running successfully is phenomenal.

Learn more about Lori and her passion for the Southern Pines community!

 Behind the Barre: Meet Lori

What is your favorite breakfast spot in Southern Pines?

Swank for coffee.  You can smell the goodness before you reach the door! Breakfast would be Betsy Crepes for crepes galore!

What is the best kept secret in Southern Pines?

The People. Whether you are a local, visitor or transplant to the area – the people of Southern Pines are an eclectic mix of experiences, wisdom, creativity, resilience, energy and have a passion for health and fitness. Couple that with southern hospitality, 40+ golf courses and a town rich in history. You have a winning combination! The people make this town what it is.

What community activities are you involved in?

We are members of the Moore County Chamber along with the Southern Pines Business Association. We are active in our local church, Christ Community Church supporting local outreach projects and volunteer with the USO.

Complete this phrase. On a typical Saturday, you can find me…

At the barre taking and or teaching followed by a trip to the local farmers market, a run or walk and checking out the social event of the weekend with friends.

Do you have kids or pets?

My husband and I have been married just over 5 years and we both recently traveled a lot for work. I told him once we opened the studio we would get a “studio pup”. Guess you could say Pure Barre Southern Pines is our first baby followed by baby 2 coming in the form of a Goldendoodle.

Tell us something interesting that your new Pure Barre clients might not know about you.

My husband and I hosted a little girl in our home from Afghanistan for 2 summers.  Gulmina was her name and she came over with an organization called Solace for the Children.  Gulmina was injured in a bombing in Kabul and came over for medical care donated by the medical community.  Although she spoke no English when she arrived and we spoke no Farsi there was a universal language of love, laughter and kindness shared.  That little girl taught us so much about life. It was one of the best experiences of my life, and CNN even did a story on us!

Congratulations to Lori on her new studio! Find out more about the studio’s new client special by visiting the Pure Barre Southern Pines studio page here.

Want to learn more about the life of a Pure Barre studio owner? Click here to request more information from our team.


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