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10 Holiday Fitness Tips from Pure Barre Master Teacher Trainers

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10 Holiday Fitness Tips from Pure Barre Master Teacher Trainers

We are quickly approaching Thanksgiving, which means for most of us, now until New Year’s, life might be a blur. Despite the whirlwind, the next five weeks should include some “you” time. We asked our Master Teacher Trainers and barre experts for their best fitness and motivation tips to stay fit this holiday season. See what they had to say below!

1 – Carve time for yourself (not just the Turkey)!

“Unless you have time set aside and planned for yourself in your calendar, you will get busy with other things.  Treat your workout time like an important business meeting, after all you are your most important boss!” – Lindsey Teets

2 – Make fitness a part of your holiday routine.

“Schedule your holiday Pure Barre class or stream a workout when you have visitors or are traveling over the holidays.”  – Katie Moscovitch

3 – Download the Pure Barre App.

“If you haven’t download the Pure Barre app, now is the time to do it! The app is the easiest, most convenient way to sign up for your classes for the week and commit yourself to be there.”  – Jacque Graeve

4 – Workout with a friend.

“Find a workout buddy to hit up the holiday classes with you. Pure Barre classes during Thanksgiving and Christmas have incredible energy and are so much fun! So, grab a friend, and make a tradition around shaking before/after you shop and grub.”- Griffin Hill

5 – Start on your resolution now.

“Why wait for January? Kick start your resolution and give yourself the gift of fitness! Push yourself to make that stretch between Thanksgiving and New Years Eve a chance to start the new year already a new you.” – Shelley Sinegal

6 – Give thanks at the barre.

“From Thanksgiving through December, use that mind-body connection you find during your 55 minutes at the barre each day to meditate on one thing you’re thankful for in your life.” – Helen Mitchell

7 – Visit another Pure Barre while on the road.

“It can be hard to stay on track while on the road, but before you leave those sticky socks at home, check to see if you will be traveling near one of the 400+ Pure Barre studios across the US and Canada! Rather than viewing the holiday season as an obstacle to your fitness goals, take this opportunity to visit different studios and get to know more of the inspiring individuals that make up our Pure Barre Family!” – Maggie Canning

8 – Introduce your relatives to Pure Barre.

“My sister took me to my first class during Thanksgiving break- over six years ago. Encourage your siblings, parents and cousins to join you at the barre – make it a new tradition!” – Frances McKnight Pure Barre Missoula

9 – Have fun!

“Every year I like to do “12 Days of Sweating”. I like to make it a goal to try 12 different workouts over the holiday season. Adding these workouts to my regular Pure Barre schedule pumps me up and keeps me motivated through the holiday season!” – Sarah Gee

10 – Get up early.

“Rise + Shine! I know it’s easy to want to sleep in over the holidays, but instead wake up early to fit in a workout before everyone else gets up. It may not be what I WANT to do but fitting in my workout first thing prevents me from skipping it later in the day when I get busy with fun plans.” – Casidy McNally

Find a Pure Barre studio location that fits with your holiday travel schedule here.

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