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6 Valentine’s for Your Barre Bestie

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Valentines Day is all about love, sharing and giving. Okay, chocolates, roses, jewelry and fancy candlelit dinners, too. However, Valentine’s Day is also about a little girl power and sharing some #PureLove with your barre bestie.

Maybe she holds you accountable for going to class every week, or maybe she gives you a piggy-back to the car after thigh-burner of a class. All we know is, Pure Barre classes wouldn’t be the same without her.

Send a little love her way and tell her just how much you love being (s)tuck with her.

P.S. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #PureLove. We want to see just how much love is out there. 

1. When you know in your heart of heart that girls rule and boys drool.


2. Make a date to go to barre, instead of the movies.


3. As if you needed to remind her, but just in case she needs that nudge to go to class on V Day.


4. Because you know both of you would prefer to embrace the shake.


5. Because going to the studio with the girls is way more fun than the club.


6. When you do EVERYTHING together, especially your regular dose of Pure Barre classes.

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