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Top 10 Pure Barre Myths: True, False & Everywhere In-Between

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Busting Pure Barre Myths

It’s time for a little Mythbusting, Pure Barre-style. Since launching Pure Barre almost two decades ago, I’ve heard all kinds of myths about what goes on in the studio. Some are true, some are false. Some are a little bit in-between. Here’s a breakdown of some of the most common Pure Barre myths and misconceptions, and the cold, honest truth about what really goes down in class.

1. I can’t do Pure Barre because I was never a dancer.

False. Can you work hard? Can you hold on to a ballet barre? If the answer to both of those questions is “Yes,” you can do Pure Barre. No dance experience is required — in fact, most of our clients come to us with no dance background at all.

2. Everyone wears socks with sticky things.

True. Our Pure Barre Sticky Socks help you to keep from sliding out of positions like planks and pushups and enable you to work the right muscles in each exercise.

3. The teacher doesn’t do the class with us.

True. Pure Barre teachers are trained to teach rather than instruct. Big difference. They will show positions and some movements, but they are there to help you get YOUR best workout and not work out themselves.

4. Everyone seems like they have memorized the program and know what they are doing… Every class starts with this marching thing.

Somewhat false, somewhat true. Each Pure Barre Classic class starts with a warm-up where we “march” (aka alternating knee lifts). It’s a way to organize the body and bring focus in to the room. But it doesn’t mean everyone has memorized the program, it’s just how we kick off the class.

5. I’m too old for this.

False. The beauty of Pure Barre is that there is no age limit — in fact, it’s one of the most effective ways to work out well into your 40s, 50s, 60s and beyond! Pure Barre is high-intensity but low-impact, creating strength while minimizing the force on your bones and joints. A smart choice for any age.

6. Everybody is looking at me.

False. During your Pure Barre class, you may feel as though people are looking at you, since the room is smaller with a mirrored wall. But your classmates are really just focused on what they’re doing and trying to get the most out of their workout. I actually close my eyes for a good portion of the class so I can really get in to the zone!

7. I need to lose 10 pounds before I can try it.

False. Pure Barre welcomes all shapes and sizes – we are here to help you reach your personal goals. The only way to make that happen is to get in there!

8. Everyone’s legs and abdomens are covered.

True. You won’t see any shorts or crop tops in a Pure Barre class. We keep our legs and abdomens covered to keep warmth in the body, which increases flexibility and range of motion.

9. I’m a runner … this kind of workout isn’t for me.

False. Pure Barre can be a great complement to your running regimen. It delivers strength and flexibility, helping to prevent potential running injuries.

10. I thought I was in shape — but after that Pure Barre class I don’t think I am.

False. Pure Barre is a different way of working out and – let’s be honest – it’s intense. But struggling certainly doesn’t mean you’re out of shape. Even professional athletes are challenged with our workout. As with anything, there is a learning curve. Give yourself 10 classes over the course of a few weeks and you’ll be amazed how quickly you become stronger. Most importantly, give yourself some grace and have fun!

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