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5 Reasons to Focus on a Strong Core

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One of the biggest developments in the fitness world over the last decade has been the increasing focus on training the core for better fitness. As athletes in every sport know, the core is the key to everything when it comes to fitness and athletic performance. When your core is in good shape, you are in good shape. It really is that simple. If you want to improve your overall well-being, dedicate yourself to training your core. Here are five reasons you should focus on a strong core.

  1. You Will Run Better

If you are playing almost any land-based sport, being a better runner will be beneficial. Most people focus on training their legs to improve their running, but training your core is just as important if you want to become a better runner. If you are looking to lower your time in your next 5K race, start a core training regimen and watch your speed leap forward.

  1. Stop Back Pain in Its Tracks

Over the course of their lifetime, the average American has an 80 percent chance of experiencing back pain. One of the reasons that back pain has become so common is because so many people have weak cores from the modern American lifestyle. When you sit at a desk all day and veg out on the couch most of the rest of the time, your core strength drops to nothing and your odds of back pain leap higher. To prevent back pain, one of the best things you can do is to strengthen your core. This will take the strain off your back muscles, improve your posture and reduce the chances that you develop back pain or injury.

  1. Improve Your Balance

Another reason that sports training focuses so fiercely on core training these days is because core strength is the surest path to improving your balance. When your core it tightly toned, your balance will be incredible. This doesn’t mean that you need to have a six-pack. Your core can be in great shape even if you do not have the chiseled abs of a super hero. The important thing to attain is a strong core that will keep your vertebrae vertical and provide you with fine balance. Not only does better balance help your athletic performance, but it also reduces your odds of injuring yourself in a fall.

  1. Help You Get Through Your Day

When you start to get your core in shape, you will quickly come to realize how many of your daily tasks involve your core. Whether you are washing your car, vacuuming, picking up your child or simply sitting in a chair, a strong core will make the task easier to perform. Your life becomes much more enjoyable when every daily task becomes simpler with your tight core.

  1. Make You Look Good

Even if you don’t get that action hero six-pack from training your core, your appearance will still improve dramatically. Tightening your core will slim your waistline and improve your posture. When your core gets in shape, your whole body will lengthen and slim. Best of all, having a strong core will boost your confidence. As everyone knows, there is nothing sexier than confidence.

To achieve a better body, a healthier back, higher confidence and improved appearance, all you need to do is to start getting your core in shape. Core training is not difficult. There are loads of exercises you can do to strengthen your core even with no equipment. If you are ready to improve your life in many ways, start focusing on training your core today.

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