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15 Reasons You Should Give Pure Barre a Try

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Anyone who is looking for a new way to work out should give Pure Barre a try! Here are several reasons why you should consider this amazing workout:

  1. Pure Barre is for everyone of all ages, genders and fitness levels; moves can be modified to your fitness level, and you are always encouraged to take a break if something isn’t working for you or you have an injury
  2. It’s not a ballet class and you do not need to have a background in dance
  3. You will get a full body workout and focus on strengthening the muscles in your core, abdominals, arms, legs and back
  4. The teachers are trained to give personalized attention to everyone in the class and will adjust your body placement if necessary; teachers learn the names of their clients and love nothing more than motivating everyone to be their best
  5. Class size is limited and studios offer several different class times and lengths to fit your schedule
  6. Pure Barre is choreographed to music that enhances the overall experience in the studio; the atmosphere of a Pure Barre class is truly an enjoyable experience
  7. Every class is different, so you won’t get bored easily
  8. Pure Barre is an effective workout without cardio, perfect for those who are looking for low impact exercise; you can even do daily workouts
  9. If you commit to Pure Barre and honestly push yourself, you will see results quickly; many people look and feel toned after only a few weeks of classes
  10. Pure Barre studios are energetic communities of strong, motivated and awesome people who share common goals and are very supportive of each other
  11. Developing an exercise routine can boost your confidence and benefit your body, mind and soul in ways that overlap in your everyday life; make Pure Barre your exercise ritual and you will not regret it
  12. You will always be challenged and will reach milestones and goals you never thought were possible
  13. Pure Barre can improve your flexibility, posture, and balance in addition to strengthening and toning your body; stretching is a big part of the workout
  14. You will not bulk up but will lose inches of fat because Pure Barre focuses on slimming and toning traditional “problem” areas such as belly, backside, hips and thighs
  15. Most importantly, Pure Barre is not only a great workout, it is FUN!
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