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5 Ways to Promote Body Positivity

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Even though it may sound simple, it is not easy to stay 100% positive about your body. A cookie here and a chocolate cube there can make you crucify yourself endlessly. Here are 5 sure ways that will help you keep positive about your body.

Handle your body gently

Even though you have a personal hair dresser, makeup artist or designer, don’t leave your body entirely into their hands. A nice massage while applying a moisturizer will soothe your body and give you an amazing feeling. Find time to spend with your body. When applying a moisturizer, massage your face and skin. This will get your blood flowing healthy and it will give your body an overall good feeling. Just make sure that when massaging the face, you do it upwards because pressing your face’s skin down wards contributes to wrinkles.

Stay away from things that intimidate your body

Things like negative or intimidating media should stay out of your sight. Neither should you go shopping in boutiques that advocate for a certain body image. These will derail you of your positivity. If you are serious about this point, you can choose to shop online instead of walking in and out of intimidating cloth stores. Also, try and keep peace with everyone so that you don’t open any window of offenders throwing negative words at you. Even the thought of having an enemy can make you feel inferior about yourself. You may start imagining that your enemy thinks you have tiny arms or says you have a pretty smile.

Stay positive

While in the mirror, focus on the highs and not the lows of your body. Trade things like pimples with the thought that they are not there to stay and that you can cover them up with makeup until they go. Smile at yourself while in the mirror and instead of imaging that other people are not happy about how you look, feel proud and believe that everyone is proud of your body. If you really need to think about some things, keep them away in a box and come back to them later when you have the time to think. And when you think, don’t think negatively; instead, think of a solution for your worry.

Eat healthy

When you eat unhealthily, it’s easy to feel that your inner self is dirty and your physic is unhealthy. Eat fruits, vegetables and drink lots of water. You don’t have to starve though. You can eat healthy, even eat some beef and not gain lots of calories. The trick is to eat normal but eat healthily.

Chase your dreams

Stay passionate about your career, parenting or any other dreams you desire. Along the way, your dreams will shape your look. For instance, if you are passionate about dancing, you will create a nice body shape from the dance moves you make and this will make you feel good about yourself.


There is a lot more one can do to stay positive about their body but some of these things depend on your likes and interests. Follow your heart and enjoy the things you love. You will fall in love with your body in a switch.

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