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5 Reasons Barre Workouts are So Effective

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Named after the bar ballerinas use to sharpen ballet moves, Barre uses ballet moves and music to transform bodies. It is a ballet-inspired exercise routine mixed with Yoga, Pilates, dance, and functional training to build lean muscle mass, strengthen your core, lose weight, and improve posture. So, why should women gravitate toward this workout?

Fewer Injuries

The low-impact, high-energy workout of Barre is a great workout for individuals who don’t like or can’t do extreme exercises. This is because extreme exercises are high-energy and high-impact routines that overwork muscles, joints, spine, and ligaments. Overexertion leads to falling, bruising, spraining, and injury. Consequently, overexertion is unavoidable to burn calories. A Barre workout shows individuals you can lose weight without sacrificing safety and overexertion.

Full Body Workout

Barre does more than holding and maintaining a pose. Each pose affects the entire body simultaneously. Specifically, these poses fatigue rarely used muscles and commonly used muscles until it burns and tones. Hand weights and balls supplement Barre routines to complete the sculpting process. Meanwhile, most exercise routines target one part of the body (arms, legs, lower belly, etc.) as the other body parts wait for its turn to burn calories. The body aches (in a good way) in a few minutes using Barre rather than an hour of traditional exercises to achieve similar results.

No Experience Necessary

From novices to professionals, Barre welcomes all fitness levels. Barre doesn’t depend on dance experience either, so students with no rhythm are welcome. The reason Barre welcomes everyone is that classes exist for all skill levels. Even if there’s a class for your skill level, there’s no competitive energy to keep up with everyone else unlike most classes. Students exercise and measure progress individually.


In case you can’t complete the routine, Barre exercises can adjust to your level. A Barre teacher can tweak the routine into a workout your body is comfortable doing. The teacher will offer individual training during Barre class. This is great for students who face challenges and hindrances (i.e., previous injuries, sudden pains, health concerns). Likewise, Barre routines adjust to individuals who want to shake up a stale routine. Weights and balls work in that sense. If life happens, such as pregnancy, Barre will exercise the body without complications.


Like yoga, Barre routines provide flexibility and a full range of motion. In detail, Barre uses intense stretching as warm-up routines that awaken the body and prepares it for an intense workout. Stretching is a vital part of Barre exercises because it reduces injury. A stretched, flexible, limber body can execute Barre with better precision than diving into the routine without stretching. A flexible body in Barre makes it easier to build strength too.

Barre’s choreographed bodyweight routines make you feel like a ballerina with no ballet training or dance skills. In turn, the routines shape your body and invigorate your mind. Women from all lifestyles will appreciate Barre’s intensity, safety, and adaptability.

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