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Melt That Muffin Top!

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If you are unhappy with the way that your tummy bulges over the top of jeans or shorts, then enroll in a Pure Barre class. This form of exercise combines the movements from ballet, Pilates and yoga to help you tone the muscles in your body. Here are the benefits from participating in routine Pure Barre classes with a knowledgeable instructor.

Benefit 1: Increasing the Flexibility of Your Body’s Joints

When you want to have flexible hips, shoulders or knees, you can use certain types of movements in a Pure Barre class. While in a Pure Barre class, you will hold onto a bar along the wall that is similar to what is used in a ballet class. The instructor will show you how to move your body to increase the flexibility of your joints with a combination of movements.

Benefit 2: Building Strength in Your Lower Body

The major focus of Pure Barre exercise is on the lower body, including your thighs and hips. These two body areas are troublesome for many women who tend to develop lumpy fat that is unattractive. An important aspect of Pure Barre classes is that the instructor also has you perform isometric movements that will build the strength in your lower body while eliminating excess fat.

Benefit 3: Defining the Muscles in Your Abdominal Zone

Instead of having a flabby abdomen, you can define the muscles of your stomach with a Pure Barre workout that includes the movements used in Pilates. Your instructor will help you learn how to contract your muscles for several minutes while exercising so that the muscles in your abdomen tighten quickly.

Benefit 4: Improve Your Posture With Pure Barre Exercise

If you slouch while walking or sitting, then your body is not in the correct alignment, and this can lead to having weak muscles that aren’t toned. Ballet dancers are taught how to stand or move in the right way to have perfect posture, and when you learn how to sit and walk correctly, your body will look toned and beautiful.

Benefit 5: Lose Weight Quickly In a Pure Barre Class

When you want to have a gorgeous flat abdomen, you need to lose weight quickly, and a Pure Barre class will help you to burn numerous calories. By exercising more, you can still consume delicious meals rather than going on a drastic low-calorie diet plan. A Pure Barre workout is intense, so a 30-minute class a few times a week can help you lose excess weight in only a few months.

Benefit 6: Have More Breath Control With Pure Barre Exercise

An instructor in a Pure Barre class will teach you how to control your breathing with yoga movements. When you have more control over your breath, you will have additional endurance so that you can enjoy physical activities without getting tired. Your abdomen will also look better after you learn how to breathe better so that you won’t have an ugly bulging tummy.

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