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Get better posture with Pure Barre

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Good posture has a number of health benefits. It can improve breathing, boost circulation, and minimize joint decay. It can even improve your state of mind. That’s why it’s so important for women to work on their posture. To improve your alignment and gain greater awareness of your body, consider taking a Pure Barre class. These excellent fitness classes are a great, fun way to improve posture.

What Is Pure Barre?

Pure Barre is a low-impact workout that uses small isometric movements to tone the thighs, abs, seat, and more. During a Pure Barre class, students use the ballet barre to perform movements inspired by ballet, Yoga, and Pilates. These movements target areas all over the body, and women often see results within a few weeks. While many women come to these classes for the heart pumping exercises and impressive calorie burn, Pure Barre offers a wide range of benefits. One of the main benefits is an improvement in posture.

How Does Pure Barre Improve Posture?

During classes, experienced Pure Barre¬†teachers give students tips on how to improve their posture and alignment. Students are expected to follow these tips throughout the class, whether they’re performing exercises at the bar or doing a cool down in the center of the floor. As students become more comfortable with Pure Barre exercises, they’ll notice that their posture improves 24/7, whether they’re sitting at their desk at work or hanging out at home on the sofa.

Pure Barre Posture Tips

To improve posture, Pure Barre students should start by pushing the shoulders down and back. If there is too much tension in the shoulders, they often start to creep up towards the ears. If students notice that their shoulders are out of alignment, they should pause, readjust, and continue on with their workout.

Ab muscles are also key to good posture. Students should strive to keep their stomach muscles activated and pulled inwards. The spine and pelvis should be in a neutral position, which is hard if the stomach isn’t pulled tight and straight. If Pure Barre students are feeling pressure in their hips, their instructor might advise them to bend their knees slightly, even during exercises that generally call for straightened legs. By bending the legs, students ease the tension throughout their body, which allows them to stand in better alignment.

Maintaining Good Posture Throughout the Pure Barre Class

While maintaining good posture may be relatively simple while standing still at the barre, it comes increasingly difficult as students move through the class.

When students are performing plank exercises, for example, keeping the back aligned is hard. To maintain good posture in the plank position, students should engage the abs, keep the neck in line with the spine, and direct their gaze towards their hands.

During upright thigh exercises, students may notice their shoulders creeping upwards, or forget to engage their core. To maintain posture during thigh exercises, they should stack the shoulder blades above the hips, lift the chest, and engage the glutes.

If students follow their Pure Barre teachers, they’ll notice improved posture in no time!

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