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Introducing the Pure Barre Fit List

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Introducing the Pure Barre Fit List

Among all the things we want for the holidays, wouldn’t it be nice if we could simply treat ourselves? Whether you’re ready or not, the holidays are upon us and they’re making a beeline for your time, attention, and resources. A 2015 Healthline study reported that 62% of survey respondents noted having very or somewhat elevated stress levels during the holidays. It’s no surprise that money is often at the top of the list of causes, but so are family dynamics and maintaining personal health goals.

Often the first thing we cut from our list is “me time,” which may include meditation, exercising, or even just finding a few moments to catch up on the book you’ve been trying to finish. The holidays don’t always have to be riddled with stress. And, even though not having enough time is often the biggest pain point, retraining our brain to prioritize differently can help us thrive during the holiday season. So, how can you organize the Thanksgiving meal, take care of the kiddos, AND find time to take care of your mind and body? We’re glad you asked.

The Fit List

Introducing, the first ever Pure Barre Fit List. An all-inclusive holiday guide designed to help keep you motivated through every holiday party, sugar plum attack, and cookie exchange. Think of it as your own personal Pure Barre coach tucked into your sticky socks. Through a series of wellness tips, tricks, and inspiration, we’ll be here every step of the way making sure you stay at the top of your Fit List!


Over the next few weeks, we’ll share a series of at-home challenges to encourage you to stay focused on your mind and body, even while suffering from seasonal fatigue and stress.


Need a new recipe for the Thanksgiving potluck? Or simply a way to sneak in a healthier ingredient so the kids won’t find out? We’ve got your back with a few healthful recipes to help you stay on track.


There’s no perfect approach for finding balance during the holidays, but there are different tricks that may help you get closer to a better you. Our team of owners, clients, and more, will share some of their advice for thriving through the New Year.


No holiday seasons is complete without gifting your loved ones. But, this year, why not treat them to the gift of an experience? We’ll share a few of our favorite things you can share with your barre bestie.

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