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5 ways to perfect your Pure Barre form

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  1. Break Your Bad Habits

Bad habits keep you from getting the most out of your workout. By cutting corners, you waste your time and money. Sometimes it can be hard, especially for newcomers, to recognize and work through bad habits. Check with your instructor and follow their advice.

Common Bad Habits:

  • Dropping your arms
  • Ending your Final Ten early
  • Tensing up your shoulders
  • Missing your Shake Zone

All of these bad habits can be easily cured once you are able to recognize them in the first place. Make sure you are listening to the instructions and focusing on your body movements.

  1. Hold Your Stretches

We have all been guilty of rushing through that end stretch or skipping stretches altogether. Stretching is one of the core tenets of Pure Barre philosophy: strengthen then lengthen. If you reach deep and hold your stretches, you will have better results and avoid injury or pain. Form counts for stretching as much as it does for any other movement. For example, during the after arms tube stretch, your arms should form a straight line across your body. Maintaining discipline during stretches goes a long way towards a toned physique.

  1. Use Your Leader Muscle

Every Pure Barre class is divided into sections that highlight individual muscles. These muscles are meant to lead your movement so that the targeted area is properly exercised. These lead muscles should be the first part of your body that moves during that section. For example, if you are performing a movement in tabletop, your seat should be the first muscle that moves. If you find yourself moving your leg, calf, or foot, remember what muscle you are trying to shape and focus on it.

  1. Focus and Stop Looking at the Mirror

Looking in the mirror or at the teacher can seem unavoidable. How are you supposed to know if you are doing the right thing? Listen instead of looking. The mirror and the teacher can be a powerful distraction during your Pure Barre workout. If you are staring in the mirror, you are likely to start thinking about your appearance instead of your form. Similarly, following your teacher with your eyes takes your mind off your own body’s movements. The best Pure Barre teachers are great communicators that can guide you through the actions using only their words.

  1. Give Yourself Credit

We often compare ourselves and our success against those around us. The girl next to you may be able to perform a move with perfect form on her first try. This can be discouraging if you focus on it instead of your own improvements. Remember that just showing up to class is a major achievement that should be celebrated. We all know watching Netflix would be way easier than an hour of Pure Barre. If you continue to set goals for yourself and keep showing up, your form will improve and so will your body.

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