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Healthy Eating Tips

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If you enjoy participating in Pure Barre classes to sculpt your muscles and burn fat, then it is essential to consume a nutritious daily diet. Here are some healthy eating tips to maintain your lean physique.


Healthy Eating Tip 1: Eat Vegetables and Fruits First

You should focus your meal plans on nutritious fruits and vegetables to improve your mental and physical well-being. Choose brightly colored produce such as tomatoes, leafy green lettuces and blueberries. Begin your meals by eating vegetables and fruits rather than filling up on fatty meat and potatoes. In addition to eating vegetables and fruits at mealtimes, make sure to have an apple or carrot sticks for snacks.


Healthy Eating Tip 2: Have a List Before Shopping For Groceries

Don’t shop for groceries randomly because it will lead to impulse purchases of junk foods such as potato chips or ice cream. Begin by shopping in the produce aisle to find seasonal specials on bags of oranges or containers of strawberries. Look for fresh vegetables such as bell peppers and spinach rather than only buying bags of potatoes to have as side dishes. Don’t walk through the baked goods or snack food aisles at the supermarket to avoid any temptations.


Healthy Eating Tip 3: Choose Low-fat Proteins To Build Muscle

Your body needs the amino acids that are in proteins to build lean muscles in your legs, arms, and abdomen. However, you must eat low-fat proteins to avoid gaining weight. Read the labels on beef, pork or chicken to choose the meat that is lower in fat. If you buy chicken, then choose skinless meat to avoid any additional fat. When you enjoy eating eggs, learn how to separate the yolk from the white portion to reduce the amount of fat in scrambled eggs.


Healthy Eating Tip 4: Prepare Nutritious Snacks

You might feel hungry after a workout, but don’t become tempted by candy bars or soft drinks. It is important to plan ahead to have nutritious snacks that contain vitamins and minerals so that you won’t gain weight from eating junk. Some of the best snacks to eat include cottage cheese combined with fresh fruit or having whole-wheat toast with avocado slices. If you want a refreshing beverage after an exercise routine, then citrus or grape juice is a better choice than coffee.


Healthy Eating Tip 5: Understand Proper Portion Sizes

You might think that exercising frequently is a good excuse for eating large portion sizes, but you won’t lose weight or gain muscle when you overeat. Make sure to buy a food scale to weigh meats or other foods, and also, have measuring spoons and cups to avoid large portions of brown rice, pasta or mashed potatoes. If you are eating in a restaurant, then avoid the supersize meals that have huge portions of french fries and larger cheeseburgers. A portion of a size of vegetables is the size of your fist, and a portion of meat is the size of a deck of cards.

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