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How can fitness lower my health insurance cost?

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Healthy Living Can Save A Person Money

Individuals who maintain their fitness can experience significant health benefits and more. People who keep fit may also get financial benefits from their employer. Companies with active wellness incentive programs are able to pass associated savings on to their employees.


Health Insurance Underwriters

The underwriters at insurance companies will analyze several different factors to determine the cost of health coverage. People who have chronic medical conditions or engage in other types of unhealthy behaviors will not be considered for the reduced cost health insurance premiums. The health insurance industry is becoming proactive in its encouragement for its policyholders to be healthy. Many will reward people who maintain fitness and live a healthy lifestyle.


Wellness Programs

An employer benefit that is becoming popular is wellness programs. Over 59 percent of companies in the United States are now offering wellness initiatives in some form. A new study from Rand Corporation estimates wellness programs are more than a $5.5 billion a year industry. The motivation for the development of these programs is how they are able to help a business control its healthcare expenses.


Lunchtime Exercise

According to a recent survey, over 70 percent of employees want their employer to provide them with health and wellness incentives. Companies are offering employees the opportunity to exercise during their lunchtime. This could include everything from yoga to weight training and more. A popular lunchtime exercise is Pure Barre. It is able to help individuals burn calories as they gain lean muscle mass and more. Some people swim, others run and more during their lunchtime.


Health Insurance Assessment

Many insurance companies will perform an overall assessment of a group seeking insurance. Their findings will determine a member’s premiums. These premiums could go down if the insurance company sees a significant improvement over time. Many programs will utilize tracking devices to measure an individual’s cholesterol levels, body mass index, blood pressure at various intervals. Millions of people are enrolled is wellness programs. The results of the recorded data show the overall health of the participants in these types of programs is steadily improving.


Family Members

Wellness programs are often designed to meet the needs of employees. Since companies often provide health insurance coverage for an employee’s family, many health insurance companies are providing wellness programs for family members. Some programs provide help with childhood obesity and other related health problems.



Programs that encourage healthy eating, stopping the use of tobacco, as well as exercise, have shown significant success in the long term. There are programs designed to intervene against chronic diseases including emphysema, heart disease as well as diabetes and others. These have been very effective in the short term.

Research has shown wellness programs can be successful when they are designed to meet the needs of a specific group of people. It has resulted in people having lower health insurance premiums as well as their companies paying for their exercise and health programs. It makes it now possible for people to improve their health while experiencing financial savings.

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