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The best all natural supplements to boost your Pure Barre workout

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Pure Barre is an intense workout, so many people taking Barre classes turn to supplements to boost their workout and help them recover afterwards. But what supplements are best for Pure Barre? There are a variety of supplements that can help boost your workout, but it’s best to stick to all-natural supplements and avoid any potentially harmful added chemicals. Here are a few of the best natural supplements to aid your Pure Barre workout:


Green ‘Superfood’ Powder:

Green superfood powder refers to a group of supplements rather than one specific type, but they’re usually packed with probiotics and digestive enzymes as well as multiple servings of vegetables for sustained energy. Common ingredients in these green superfood powders include spirulina, alfalfa, kale, and other dark, leafy green vegetables.


Bone Broth Protein:

If you aren’t limited by vegetarian or vegan dietary restrictions, bone broth protein can have some pretty amazing workout benefits. The bones, marrow, skin and feet of chickens and cows contain plenty of collagen, amino acids and healthy trace minerals, and these are the sources that bone broth protein is drawn from. Because collagen and amino acids help repair muscles and connective tissue, it’s an especially good post=workout supplement, and can be added to many shakes and smoothies without dramatically altering the taste.


Caffeine Supplements:

Studies have shown that caffeine is a safe, healthy way to increase your performance in workouts as long as you don’t consume too much. If you don’t like the taste of coffee or want to avoid added calories and sugars, there are many natural caffeine supplements available, some that even allow for the gradual release of caffeine to give you sustained energy. This is crucial for Pure Barre classes, which often run for almost an hour and can be an intense workout right from the start.


B-12 Supplements:

Vitamin B-12 helps convert food into glucose, making it one of the most important nutrients for sustaining energy levels. Many people take the occasional daily B-12 vitamin, but if you’re looking to boost your Pure Barre performance, consider taking a B-12 supplement in the morning before workouts to help keep your energy up.


Vitamin D:

Vitamin D is naturally obtained from sunlight, but in climates that don’t see much sun in the winter, many people are left lacking Vitamin D during winter workouts. Vitamin D plays a role in bone density and energy production, so having low D levels can make your workout performance suffer, particularly for intense workouts like Pure Barre. For best results, take a Vitamin D supplement daily during seasons when sunlight is lacking.

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