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Fitness New Year’s resolutions that are actually worth making

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When you think of fitness resolutions during the New Year, what do you think of? Do you think of people stating they’re going to spend an hour in the gym every day of the week, or people who say they will eat fewer than 1,000 calories per day from now on? Do you think of people who say they’re cutting gluten and sugar and packaged foods and meat and all things animal-related out of their diet starting immediately? Fitness resolutions are everywhere, and most people have a very unrealistic idea of what they really need to change if they want to get fit, get healthy, and change their lives.

Fitness Resolutions Worth Making

Not all fitness goals are gym-related. Some goals are more like lifestyle changes designed to make you a fitter, happier, healthier person all around. These goals help you lose weight, get fit, and stay that way. Instead of taking on a new fad diet or swearing you’re spending every night of the year in the gym, make these fitness resolutions.

– Move your body for a half hour each day

– Drink more water

– Eat more foods from the perimeter of the supermarket

– Sleep more

– Reduce stress

These resolutions help you lose weight by getting your body moving every single day in a way you enjoy. Perhaps you hate the gym but love the idea of joining a dance class or running club. Perhaps you want to eat healthier, but you don’t know where to begin, which is where learning to shop the perimeter of the store helps. That’s where you find the healthiest food not already prepackaged, pre-cooked, or filled with unhealthy ingredients. Learn to uses spices and herbs and produce to make your meals tastier, and learn to give up a starch as a side in favor of a second vegetable.

More sleep makes your body feel more energized, and reducing your stress allows you to relax enough to meet your goals. You should make these lifestyle changes anyway, but they’re only going to assist you in losing weight and getting fit.

Keeping Your Goals

If you want to keep your goals, make them known. Find an accountability partner and share your weekly goals to help meet your biggest goal. Someone who is there to encourage you and cheer you on makes the journey to creating healthier habits a lot easier and more enjoyable. It’s also helpful to make a big goal that’s broken down into smaller more attainable goals.

When you’re crushing your small goals left and right, it’s easier to stay motivated. Never make a large goal and have no direction how to get there. Break it down, make it happen, and find someone to help you while you help them on the same or similar journey. Have you ever heard there is power in numbers? This is very true when it applies to meeting health goals and creating a more fitness-oriented lifestyle.

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