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Why am I not seeing results?

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When you first start a Pure Barre class, it is easy to get excited while imagining all the changes to your body. However, some find that they are losing motivation because they are not getting noticeable results. Keep in mind that Pure Barre’s changes are gradual at first, so you should not expect to get your dream body overnight. There are a few things that all Pure Barre members should understand about class results.

The Pure Barre Improvement Timeline

The combination of isometric movements and light strength training used in Pure Barre tends to cause gradual body improvements instead of instant changes. If you are already fit, you might begin to notice better muscle tone and other changes in just three to four weeks. However, those who have a longer fitness journey to take may find that it takes a few months for results to become visible.

Finding Out If Pure Barre Is Working

When change happens so gradually, it is hard for you to notice it. Try taking a before picture when you start, so you can look at it and see how your body is changing. Measuring your body fat and maximum lifting strengths before starting can be a useful benchmark to check for success against. Many Pure Barre members also report that friends and family members who have not seen them in a while are quicker to notice the differences than they do.

Pay Attention to Body Composition

Even if the number on your scale stays the same, your body is changing. The energetic classes of Pure Barre tend to result in both fat loss and muscle growth. Since muscle weighs significantly more than fat while taking up less space, the end result is that you may stay about the same weight while getting much smaller. Measuring your dimensions or paying attention to how clothes fit you may be a more accurate measurement of your success than the scale.

How to Tell If Pure Barre Is Changing Your Body

If you are still worried about the lack of results, breathe easy. Here are a few of the small changes that you should start to notice very quickly:

  • Less fatigue – You may notice that you do not get short of breath as easily when walking long distances or going upstairs.
  • Looser waistbands – Since Pure Barre engages the core so much, many find that their waist is the first part of the body to show a change.
  • Better balance – The improved balance associated with Pure Barre is actually due to increased strength of all the core muscles used for coordination and balance, so this is a sign that your muscle strength is improving.
  • Toned calves and forearms – Unlike most cardio classes, Pure Barre exercises your lower arms and legs too. Since you naturally have less fat in these areas, it is easier to see changes.
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