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Best pre-workout snacks to eat before your Pure Barre class

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Pure Barre classes are an increasingly popular workout, but because the warm-up can be intense, many people don’t feel like they can eat before the workout. Having a pre-workout snack, however, can boost your performance and prevent you from feeling sluggish during Barre classes, but only if you eat the right foods. For Pure Barre, the key is to get enough protein and carbohydrates before the workout to give you sustained energy throughout the class. Here are a few of the best pre-workout snacks to eat before going to a Pure Barre class.


The reason nuts make such a good pre-workout snack is that they’re full of both protein and healthy fats, which help give you sustained energy that will last for the entire Pure Barre class. However, be sure not to eat too many nuts and give yourself at least a half-hour to digest, because any food that contains fat and protein can sit heavy in your stomach.


Bananas are one of the best pre-workout snacks for any type of workout. They’re packed with natural sugar, which converts to carbohydrates and will help give you quick energy boost. Normally, sugars won’t provide you with enough energy to last the length of a full Pure Barre class, but bananas also contain a significant amount of fiber, which helps you sustain energy and keeps you from getting hungry during a workout. In addition, bananas are an excellent source of potassium, which is lost when we sweat, so they can help keep your potassium levels up during intense workouts like Pure Barre.

Plain Yogurt:

Yogurt is an excellent pre-workout snack because it has both protein and carbohydrates in an easily digestible form. Yogurt is also full of probiotics, which boost digestive health and are potentially linked to increased fat-burning capabilities, so yogurt is an especially good pre-workout snack if you’re trying to lose weight. However, you’ll want to stay away from sweetened yogurts, as the extra sugar can make your energy levels crash faster.

Fresh Juice:

Many people don’t have much of an appetite for food when they first wake up, so if you attend Pure Barre classes in the morning and don’t want to eat beforehand, try making your own juice if you have a juicer available. Commercial juices and sports drinks tend to be loaded with added sugars and artificial dyes, but freshly-squeezed juice can give you quick energy from natural sugar and vitamins. For best results, include more vegetables than fruit in your juice to prevent yourself from consuming too much sugar.


Eggs are one of the best natural sources of protein, which makes them perfect for a quick snack before a Pure Barre class. If you’re worried about having time to cook the eggs before your class, make hard-boiled eggs in advance the day before and grab an egg or two on your way to class.

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