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Body Positivity With Women By The Numbers

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In today’s hyper-connected social landscape, it can sometimes be difficult to avoid viewing others through a comparative lens. In many cases, we’re shown only the best parts of the lives others around us are leading, and separating that from how we feel about our own situation may not be so easy all the time. When it comes to body positivity in particular, the effect these interactions can have on women can be quite detrimental, but things are looking up! As women come together with positive fitness goals in mind, it becomes easier to ignore the more superficial aspects of getting fit and focus on the benefit fitness brings to everyday life and personal health. When more people use fitness as a means to better themselves for themselves, as opposed to staying in a competition that doesn’t exist, everybody wins! In the following infographic, we’ll take a look at some of the numbers related to fitness and body positivity in women, as well as some tips on how to stay positive whenever doubt happens to strike.

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