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5 tips to keep you on track for your fitness New Year’s resolution

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Fitness resolutions are a dime a dozen following the start of a New Year, but statistics prove more than half of all people who make fitness resolutions break them within a few months of starting. It’s easy to get off on the right foot feeling motivated and ready to tackle your dreams, and it’s just as easy to fall back into old habits as soon as life gets back to normal. If you’re serious about achieving your fitness goals this year, perhaps these five tips can help.

Make A Big Goal and Break it Down

You cannot achieve any goals if you don’t have them. Now it’s time to find the big goal you’re looking for, write it down, and break it down. If you want to lose 25 pounds this year, break that down by month to determine you need to lose just over 2 pounds per month. Now break that goal down into smaller goals so you have something the achieve every week. When you can cross something successfully off your list each week, it helps you stay on track toward achieving your bigger goal. Motivation comes easy when you feel like you’re winning.

Make Small Changes in Your Diet

You want to lose that 25 pounds, and your diet is the place to start. Instead of cutting out everything you love right away, take away one food and add a healthy one in its place. Do this every few weeks, and you’ll see a big difference in the way your body responds to healthy food versus unhealthy foods.

Make Realistic Exercise Goals

Resolving to be active for 30 minutes every single day is a lot easier than saying you’re going to the gym 5 days every week this year. You can be active for a half hour in your living room, during your lunch break, or hanging out in the yard with the kids. You can certainly still go to the gym every single day if you wish, but resolving to be active for at least 30 minutes every day is a realistic goal you can’t easily break. Breaking goals is the fastest way to feeling defeated enough to quit.

Don’t Stop Enjoying Life

You’re working on a better you, but you’re not doing yourself any favors by depriving yourself of the things you love the most. Create a plan so you can eat what you want on occasion, such as the 80/20 plan. Make 80 percent of your meals every week as healthy as possible, and eat what you want the other 20 percent of the time. It’s a good way to feel balanced and on track without feeling overwhelmed and unhappy you’re missing out on things you love.

Drink More Water

If you want to make your fitness goals possible, start drinking more water. In fact, give up everything else you’re drinking and focus solely on drinking as much water as possible. It feels you up, helps you feel better, and it’s doing wonders for your skin.

The New Year is a new time to start making new goals, and it’s also the time to really crack down. You can meet your goals if you’re able to get past the idea it’s all right to give up after a few months or modify your resolution to meet your current desires. So more than half of all fitness resolutions will fail before they even have a chance. You don’t have to put yourself into that statistic this year.

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