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Is Pure Barre Safe To Do While Pregnant?

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Many women participate in an exciting type of a workout regiment known as Pure Barre. However, there are some who have raised concerns over whether or not this form of exercise is safe to partake in when pregnant. The following brief piece discusses what Pure Barre is, as well as its safety level for expecting women.

What Is Pure Barre?

Pure Barre is an exercise program that incorporates the principles of ballet to help participants burn calories through the execution of movements designed to tone and strengthen muscles contained in the hips, abdominal region, arms, buttocks and thighs. Unlike some other workout regiments that place emphasis on performing high-impact maneuvers like jumping, Pure Barre focuses on the execution of slower, more deliberate movement techniques intended to protect the joints and guard against other physical injuries. Pure Barre is also somewhat unique in that its participants exercise their minds as well in order to build their concentration levels.

Is Pure Barre Safe To Perform While Pregnant?

Pure Barre is considered to be a safe exercise regiment for expecting mothers to partake in, particularly if they are familiar with the techniques and have participated in a studio class and/or workout prior to becoming pregnant. That said, it is important to consider that every woman’s body and pregnancy is unique. Therefore, any expecting mother seeking to continue or begin a Pure Barre workout program is advised to speak with her doctor to weigh the pros and cons of her individual circumstances. Certain Pure Barre studios will require a pregnant woman to obtain written authorization from her physician giving her the greenlight to sign on.

Will A Participant Need To Alter Her Workout Routine While Pregnant?

As a woman’s pregnancy progresses and her body changes, she might need adjust her workout to adhere to her current abilities and execute movements that are perfectly safe for her unborn child. Upon learning of her pregnancy, or as soon after as possible, a studio attendee should inform the staff, especially her Pure Barre instructor of her condition. The earlier the instructor knows of his or her student’s pregnancy, the faster he or she will be able to tailor an exercise regiment that best suits her needs, circumstances and abilities. Typically, modifications are made for each trimester of pregnancy.

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