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Sit too much at work? Learn to squat!

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Dangers of Sitting All Day

For those who work all day at a desk job and sit, especially in Western cultures, there is now more than ample scientific evidence that sitting for extended periods of time is harmful to the body. Metabolic activity slows down, increasing insulin resistance and bad cholesterol are just a few examples of the hazards that are put on the body for sitting for extended periods of time. Even more so, the spine is not meant to be in the position of sitting; therefore, this puts damage on hips, lower back and neck.

Preventative Measures

There are of course preventative measures that can be done so that sitting for lengths at a time will not have irreversible effects. Many new steps in the workplace are being done to combat sitting such as: mini-breaks that will include walking, stretching and even standing desks are now becoming part of more offices worldwide. These all have added benefits that will and can help individuals keep their bodies better in tune, however, the most beneficial of them all is squatting. Since not everyone has access to stand desks or can take a couple ten-minute walks during their day, squatting can be done in anyone’s office and even at their desk.

Naturally Squatting

Societies throughout the world that do more physical labor still do not have the amount of back pain that many of the western cultures do. This is generally due to the squatting that these cultures practice and they do not sit for the amount of time that desk jobs require. They are doing what our bodies are already supposed to do.

Reap the Benefits

There are multiple benefits of squatting and being in that position. Squatting allows the muscles in the back to stretch and extends the lumbar spine. There is almost no compression that is placed on the spine. The hips, legs and core center of the body are perfectly stabilized in the squatting form. When people practice squatting position, this generates the solution to the dilemma that has already been done to the body of a sitting environment. Also, this will get the mobility back into the hips that have been lost.

How to Squat

Squatting can be hard for someone who has not done it for a while. Heels are to be a hip width from each other and toes pointed out. Continue this position for as long as possible. It may not be comfortable for a while, but this will get the body back into its’ natural form. Back pain may ease up and the body will feel better.

Do it for the Body

Practice squatting in a world where most people sit over eight hours a day. Do it anywhere comfortably and take breaks. There is one body for each person; take care of what has been given.

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