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Get long and lean for bikini season

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Summer is finally here and I know we are all excited for summer fun. Family gatherings, vacation, going to the beach……….uh oh. Many of us are still wearing our winter weight and are nowhere near bikini ready. Time to slim down. There is the usual option of hitting the gym, but if you’re going for a long, lean look like a ballet dancer, try Pure Barre.

No one wants flabby arms when they are on the beach, so Pure Barre focuses on building muscles in the arms. Using weights of two different sizes, you will focus on moves that are perfect for ladies. Not only will you create muscle and get rid of the flab, the exercises chosen don’t focus on bulking up. Instead, your arms will firm and tighten, creating an elegant line.

Leg and bum exercises are two of the major times you will belly up to the barre in a Pure Barre class. Everyone wants to flaunt legs that are slender and flexible, but strong and seem to stretch a mile. By using the techniques ballet dancers use, your leg muscles will grow strong but not bulk up. This will leave you with the to die for dancer legs that look so slender but are really legs of steel.

Of course, a major part of the bikini body is flat, toned abs. The exercises in a Pure Barre class not only focus on the stomach muscles to achieve this. This workout strengthens the entire core, sets of several muscles when used together help us stand tall and create a natural girdle which pulls in the stomach. Also, a strong core helps us stand taller and sport an elegant posture. The muscles become super strong, but the look is one of slender grace.

However, the benefits of Pure Barre is more than looking like you could dance Swan Lake. While you are getting flexible and super toned, your body is getting strong. These new strong muscles will burn calories even while you rest and give you increased strength. The low-impact work out is gentler than more aggressive high-impact workouts, making it a great way to recover from injury with less pain. Without the jumps and steps of aerobics, the body can strengthen while you heal. The exercises are gentle enough to allow many who began training before pregnancy to continue, if your doctor approves. Pure Barre helps to strengthen the muscles needed for childbirth. Best of all, it’s a wonderful way to de-stress and boost your self-esteem.

If you think Pure Barre is for you, take a class. Working with the instructors at first is a great way to be assured you are using the proper form needed to make your Pure Barre workout a success. Come fifteen minutes early, wearing capris or pants, a shirt that covers your midriff, and socks. The only thing you need to pack with you is your bottle of water and your determination to make your body the best it can become.

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