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Bring Your Workout with You

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Having to deal with a busy schedule often means that the time and opportunity needed to hit the gym or visit the track is in short supply. A little creativity and some forethought can often go much further than many people expect and smart ways to get in a quick workout while on the go makes it much easier to achieve fitness goals. Knowing what to pack and where to find alternative options for the weights, machines and other equipment required for a more traditional workout means that even the busiest schedule will no longer be an obstacle.

The Bare Essentials

While there are plenty of exercises that require no equipment at all, there are still a few essential items that should always be kept close at hand. A good pair of running shoes, a bottle of water and a towel are often all that is required in order to transform any space or environment into a temporary gym. While not quite an essential, having a fresh change of clothing handy ensures that longer and more stressful workouts will be less likely to cause problems throughout the day. Throwing a few items into an old gym bag is always a smart idea.

The World is a Gym

Any given environment should be able to offer a full range of fitness options and potential exercises. In addition to aerobic workouts, calisthenics and other cardio routines that need only a flat surface, there are numerous exercises that use the body’s own weight to provide resistance. Any ledge within reach can be ideal for pull-ups and desks and chairs can allow for a complete range of strength-training exercises to be done right from the office. Stairs can be especially valuable as they can allow for an almost endless range of strength-training and cardio exercise alike.

Finding Additional Resistance

While packing free weights while on the go is rarely an option, those who need a little additional resistance in order to make the most of their fitness routines and efforts need only look around. A bag or briefcase is often heavy enough for a range of uses and even chairs and other pieces of light furniture may be used in order to kick things up a notch. Using any number of objects to provide additional weight and resistance means that the workouts and routines typically reserved for the gym may be completed in almost any setting or environment.

Staying Loose and Adaptable

The gym often provides the resources and opportunities needed for more advanced workouts, but it is rarely the only viable option that may be available. Spending a little time and effort to experiment with different workouts and environments can provide plenty of alternative solutions for those who are tired of being forced to skip a workout when pressed for time. Even a few spare minutes is often all that is needed for a quick run and those who keep a few fitness essentials handy should have no trouble getting a workout in regardless of where they happen to find themselves.

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