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5 Workouts You Can Do In Five Minutes

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A quick workout can be just the thing for those who find themselves running out of energy throughout the day. While going to the gym may be too big a commitment, there are plenty of ways to work up a sweat that can be done in almost no time at all. While no substitute for a full workout, exercises that may be done in five-minute intervals can still help burn calories, build muscle mass and provide individuals with a much needed boost of energy.


Flexibility is a metric of fitness that is too often overlooked. While not quite a workout in the strictest sense, spending five minutes to stretch and limber up can have some pretty substantial benefits. Regular stretching may aid stress management efforts, increase long-term flexibility and drastically reduce the risk of certain types of injuries.

Dips and Rows

Lacking enough time to even leave the office is not quite the obstacle that many people would expect. A simple chair or office desk is all that may be needed in order to perform dips, rows and other exercise that can help to build upper-body strength. From getting pumped up in a pinch to easing arm and chest muscles through a less intensive workout during off-days, dips and rows are a great option that can be done almost anywhere.


Leg day is important and when it comes to exercises that build stronger leg muscles the squat will always be king. Squats can be done anywhere and do not even require athletic shoes. Even the most fit and active people may still be amazed at just how many sets and reps they may be able to squeeze in during just a five minute workout.

Going for a Run

A quick run is a great way to regain focus during a long day. While not always the most ideal option, a light run can be managed even in a suit and tie although keeping an extra shirt and a spare pair of jogging shoes at the office may be a smarter idea. The cardiovascular benefits of jogging cannot be overstated and many busy professionals have much to gain by going for a quick run every now and then.

Push-ups and Planks

The core aspects of a good floor routine can often be completed in just moments and, while not as beneficial as 30 minute or hour-long workout such efforts can still be worthwhile. Push-ups and planks often require little more than a towel or even an area rug and a few extra minutes. Even fit individuals can still workout to exhaustion or even muscle failure in only a few minutes provided they focus on the right exercises.

While five-minute workouts will never be able to replace the gym completely, they can still make an important difference for those seeking to slim down or bulk up. Short bursts of exercises are often ideal for off-days when muscles may be recovering from more strenuous workouts. Making quick workouts a daily habit and part of a long-term fitness program could end up making a real difference.

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