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Advanced Stretching Techniques

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Advanced Stretching Techniques

Stretching is an important habit to get into no matter what your line of work or level of exercise – it keeps the muscles limber and prevents tears, keeps joints strong and provides a great resting activity to achieve deeper levels of calm. At higher levels of mastery, more complex techniques can take your stretch to the next level – these are just a few of the ones you can consider.

Resistance Band Stretches

In basic stretches, the only tool necessary is the human body and maybe a yoga mat – but for more complex stretches, use of a resistance band can elevate your workout. Although there are any resistance band workouts, this process is one of the most simple.

  1. Wrap the resistance band around something above head height – it often helps to have two points of stress here. Pull-up bars that mount onto doorways can pull great double duty here.
  2. Either face the band’s mount or face away – if you’re facing away, you’re going to work out your pecs, or towards to work out your lats.
  3. Take hold of the band with one arm, straightening as much as possible, and lean away until you feel tension through that limb.
  4. Hold this stretch for 30 seconds to a minute depending on limberness.

 Advanced Yoga Poses

Whether you’re stretching to prepare for a workout or just to relax, implementing yoga in your stretch routine can be a great way to center your body’s balance – particularly with standing poses such as the Tree, which when performed properly tones muscles throughout the body and serves as a natural remedy for flat feet. The Tree is one of the most basic poses or ‘asanas’.

More advanced poses include ones like the Dragon, a ground pose that compresses the spine and hips to hone the hamstrings and other muscles in the lower body.

 Utilize Cartwheels and Gymnastics

Often, people with a long history of stretching find that gymnastic techniques come easier to them than to laymen – a result of the simple fact that the two exercises feed into one another. Gymnasts need to be limber and capable of rhythmic movement, which stretching bolsters – but performing gymnastics can also serve as an invaluable method of resistance and impact therapy whilst stretching.


In performing a cartwheel, for example, the rotation of the body’s limbs allows for a relatively simple movement that puts the body’s weight on a rapid assortment of muscles in a short period of time – these muscles are worked in a way that doesn’t result in actual bulking, which would prove counter-intuitive to advanced stretches.

There are a wide range of options for those looking to improve their stretching techniques, and these are only a few – as you become more advanced you’ll learn more and more methods of improving your flexibility and tone.

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