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Our tried and true method can shape every body and fit any schedule. Draw inspiration from our community of women. Achieve the body you’ve always dreamed of. Sweat away the day. Get lost in the music. Find everything you’re looking for in a workout at Pure Barre.

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about our location

Our Pure Barre studio in Park Ridge, IL, offers a fun and invigorating workout that can get you the results you want quickly. Our low-impact, high-intensity exercises use isometric movements to activate your arm, leg, thigh and seat muscles. As you work, you will lengthen and tone your muscles, build your endurance and feel your best.

The teachers who lead our Pure Barre classes are friendly, caring and take the time to provide you with the guidance you need to succeed. Your first class is a free trial during which your teacher will assess your fitness and advise you on which class would be appropriate for your skill level. Our specialty classes include the beginner-based Foundations and Classic barre exercises, and we work with private parties too.

We welcome anyone who wants to come and get a great workout. Many Pure Barre movements can be modified to be more or less difficult to fit different fitness levels. We recommend our classes even for those who are in perfect shape because we know that Pure Barre can help with cross-training and active recovery.

Our location at 110 North Northwest Highway in Park Ridge is just one block northwest of the Prospect and Northwest Highway intersection, so you can conveniently come in for a low-impact but highly effective fitness class. We serve Park Ridge, Niles, Chicago, Des Plaines, Arlington Heights and Mount Prospect.

Give us a call at 847-696-7219 or use our website to book your free first session. With our help, you can get into shape and work toward the more toned, more powerful body that you've always wanted.