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Our tried and true method can shape every body and fit any schedule. Draw inspiration from our community of women. Achieve the body you’ve always dreamed of. Sweat away the day. Get lost in the music. Find everything you’re looking for in a workout at Pure Barre.

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about our location

If you live near Bozeman, MT, and are looking for a place to try various fitness routines that build strength and endurance, then consider visiting Pure Barre. We'll help you to achieve your fitness goals. Working out with us is easy because our studio is located across from the Element Hotel off of Mendenhall Street.

You'll experience less discomfort when you work out with us thanks to our effective warm-up routines. We begin each class by implementing simple techniques that involve traditional fitness equipment like light weights. The routines that we design prep muscles so that all phases of our main workout can be completed efficiently.

Our trainers have one goal during a workout, which is to structure a practical routine. Along the way, everyone gets coaching so that moves can be modified if necessary or made even more challenging for more advanced individuals. Because we have a specialty class, everyone can try workouts that are suitable for specific fitness levels. Our trainers strive to make each class fun every step of the way.

The workouts that we provide involve simple training techniques and high-intensity routines that are ideal for a wide range of people regardless of their fitness level. Because our trainers are strategic coaches, athletes and families can try our workouts confidently.

If you need a simple or challenging routine that involves various fitness equipment, you may want to consider scheduling an appointment for a workout with one of our trainers. Contact us today and arrangement a routine with a coach in our studio in Bozeman.