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Our tried and true method can shape every body and fit any schedule. Draw inspiration from our community of women. Achieve the body you’ve always dreamed of. Sweat away the day. Get lost in the music. Find everything you’re looking for in a workout at Pure Barre.

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about our location

Whether you're downtown for work or pleasure, stop by our Pure Barre studio in Los Angeles, CA. We're located between 7th and 8th streets on Olive Street. The hustle and bustle of city living doesn't have to get to you when a satisfying workout is your solution. Drive in from Beverly Hills, Silverlake, Los Feliz, or Hollywood because we welcome anyone who walks in the door. It's time to discover what Pure Barre is all about.

Imagine yourself at the ballet barre with your arms supporting your lower body as you dip down into a deep lunge. This move is one of the dozens that you'll encounter at Pure Barre. Our instructors will show you how to maneuver with the barre as you also add in free weights for some upper-arm exercises. Start and end your workout with a warmup and a cooldown, respectively, and you'll have a complete program that burns a lot of calories.

Meet our instructors on your first day, and you'll realize how dedicated they are to the art of Pure Barre. They'll take you through all of the specialty classes, including Breaking Down the Barre, Pure Foundations, Intensives, and Platform. Ask any questions of our experts so that you can find the right class for your fitness level.

If you're not sure about your fitness level, come on down anyway because everyone is welcome at our facilities. Our environment remains positive throughout the workout with both men and women working out in each class.

Stop by our Pure Barre location in downtown Los Angeles. Take advantage of our current offer, which is your first month of as many classes as you'd like for only $99. Learn the basics of Pure Barre as you grow into this program.