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Our tried and true method can shape every body and fit any schedule. Draw inspiration from our community of women. Achieve the body you’ve always dreamed of. Sweat away the day. Get lost in the music. Find everything you’re looking for in a workout at Pure Barre.

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about our location

Our Pure Barre studio in downtown Ann Arbor offers efficient workouts to anyone who wants to be fitter and stronger. Located just two doors down from the Michigan Theater, our centralized downtown location is convenient for business people, students and commuters. We also serve people who live in the nearby suburbs of Dexter, Chelsea, Saline and Milan. Our Pure Barre studio provides a clean, modern facility where you can enjoy the camaraderie of others who want to be fit.

Your Pure Barre workout begins with stretches in the center of the room to get your body warmed up and ready to move, and then proceeds to weight lifting for strength building and upper body toning. You will then move to the ballet barre, where you will work your thighs and seat. The class then progresses to abdominal exercises and a brief cool down. The music changes from one class to another to ensure our workouts are fun, invigorating and never the same class twice.

Each Pure Barre workout is led by an inspirational teacher who guides you through each move and pose while motivating you to do your best. If you need some assistance with form or posture, the teacher can provide that. Our classes provide you with not only a vigorous workout, but also a strong sense of community.

Our Pure Barre classes are for people at any point in their fitness journey -- we welcome people of all ability levels, and the Pure Barre techniques give you plenty of room to grow! Our low-impact, high-intensity workouts are ideal for anyone who wants to get stronger and build leaner muscles. With the help of our supportive community, the proven Pure Barre techniques and your own hard work, you will see results.

Call Pure Barre in downtown Ann Arbor today or you can also schedule using our online form.