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Every Tuck Tells a Story

Pure Barre is a community of intelligent, dynamic and fun-spirited women. Each individual has their own reason for walking in the door, signing up for a class, taking that first tuck. And every experience is different. Maybe you’re a new mom getting back into shape, a bride-to-be slimming down for the big day, an overworked professional seeking solace at the end of the workday….whatever your story, we have something for you. Come meet your new Pure Barre family!

Learn to Barre Winner Erin

I would 100% tell someone just considering Pure Barre to go for it! I'm so happy I made this commitment. As a student with a tight budget, I was motivated to stick to my financial commitment to Pure Barre and tried to go to class 3-4x a week. Now I go to class 5x a week and get FOMO (fear of missing out) if I don't! My advice to a newbie would also be to stick with it. I was a little nervous to go back after my first class, but I am so happy that I did and with each class I feel more accomplished and confident.

– Erin C.
Pure Barre Success Stories: Bounce back after baby

I have seen a major bounce back after baby body. My core was so strong when I was in delivery that I literally had my son in less than an hour. My doctor was pulling on his scrubs at the last minute because I had pushed him out so much quicker than he expected! My body after baby came back within months.

– Abigail S.
Cross Training Pure Barre Success Story

I used to run 7 miles a day and had a personal trainer and I never saw a huge change change until Pure Barre. I have triceps, can finally do push ups and have abs. I never thought I could have any of these. Being a hairstylist it has helped me with correct posture and building a core. I finally don't feel in pain after a 12 hour work day.

– Janel L.
Kathleen: Pure Barre after cancer

Right after my chemo treatment, I heard the great news that a Pure Barre studio opened about 10 minutes from my house! I did the 30 day challenge in 32 days, and to date I have taken 70 Pure Barre classes since the beginning of July. The 30 day challenge showed me what I was capable of! I am working toward signing that 100 class barre! Read more here.

– Kathleen E.
Bonnie: I Pure Barre for Grandchildren

I am 53 and keep myself strong for those grandchildren that I will hopefully have some day. I want to pick them up, be able to sit on the floor to play…and get up again. I want to walk all day through Disney World. I want to stay strong. Barre is my strength! Both physically and mentally. Read more here.

– Bonnie V.
Pure Barre Success Story: Lindsay

Since beginning Pure Barre I have never felt stronger or more confident in my body and its abilities. The visual results are secondary, in my mind, to how I feel: better, stronger, more balanced, and fitter in general. Pure Barre truly teaches one to honor one’s body, and to be amazed by all it can do. Read more here.

– Lindsay F.
Why I Barre: Kali's Story

I was born with a congenital heart defect, and had two open heart surgeries as a child. This always left me with many exercise restrictions and made getting fit and strong very hard. My doctor is so impressed with the improvement in my heart function since I began Pure Barre! I’m so much stronger than I was when I started. I can now hold that 90 second plank – which I thought was impossible during my first class! Read more.

– Kali M.
Why I Barre: Micah's Story

I have always wanted to stay healthy and stay active. I have had Type 1 Diabetes for the past 11 years, and it’s hard sometimes, but I’m grateful. Pure Barre came to my town at a time in my life when I was very stressed out and uninspired by working out at the gym or home. As a senior BS RN student, I am often under a lot of stress. Not only do I want to care for myself so that I can care for patients, I also want lead by example. Pure Barre forces me to take time for myself, to care for myself, and it certainly has helped with my blood sugars. Read more.

– Micah R.
Why I Barre: Emily

This past summer I decided that I wanted to make an impact on clients the way the Pure Barre teachers had made an impact on me, and decided to become a Pure Barre Teacher at a new studio that was opening up in town (Pure Barre High Point). Becoming a teacher has made me appreciate and love Pure Barre even more than I did before. Read more.

– Emily H.
Why I Barre: Krislynn's Story

Eleven years ago I was in a terrible car accident. I broke my neck, lower back, pelvis, left shoulder and ribs. I have several metal implants in my body and it was a challenge to stay active after my accident. Having been a runner all my life, I needed to find a new form of exercise that was low impact to my joints after my recovery. Other forms of exercise just didn’t click with me, but once I found Pure Barre, I fell in love. I love Pure Barre because despite my limited range of motion following several surgeries, I am able to participate in the entire class, get a great full body workout and incorporate modifications to any position challenging to any of my surgical sites. Read more.

– Krislynn B.
Pure Barre Weight Loss Story: Lauren

I started Pure Barre as a way to help with my weight loss journey. I took my first Pure Barre class in April 2015, and it was definitely not love at first sight. It was hard and confusing.  Five months later at 100 classes - I shake more than ever and find each class harder than the last. I'm 33 pounds lighter and 25 inches smaller since New Years, which I owe a big part to Pure Barre!

– Lauren
Why I Barre: Jackie's Story

My best friend from college came to visit me a month ago and she looked better than she had when we were 20! I asked her what her secret was and she said Pure Barre. At that moment, we literally walked to the closest studio and I signed up for the New Client Special. Four weeks and 20 classes later and not only am I hooked, but I have a body that I would have died for before I had children! Read more here.

– Jackie W.
Lana Pure Barre Stories

Who knew 10 seconds could feel so long?! From barely being able to extend my leg during my first class to now being able to hold my 90-second plank no problem, I’m so thankful for the encouragement the teachers and fellow Pure Barre clients have given me along the way! Read more.

– Lana H.
Jennifer's Why I Barre: For my daughters

I barre for my daughters. I am a mommy of two wonderful, full of spirit little girls who need mommy to be full of the same. I am a survivor of a heart disease and proud owner of a pacemaker. It is very important for me to exercise and keep healthy. Read more here.

– Jennifer F.
Pure Barre WhyIBarre: Caroline's Story

In January 2014 I found out my husband, who is a Marine, was being deployed to Germany that coming March. I was devastated, but I used Pure Barre to help me through my sadness. Then, in February, less than a month before he left, we found out we were pregnant. I knew that no matter what, if I was 32 weeks pregnant doing my 90 second plank or 3 weeks post pregnancy doing ab exercises like a champ, that I could find a moment of peace when I put on those sticky socks and stepped into that studio. I can never thank Pure Barre enough for all it has done for me. Read more.

– Caroline N.
Pure Barre Inspiration: Brandilyn

Pure Barre is always changing and it’s always a challenge. Whereas going to the gym or running can get monotonous, Pure Barre never is. Making it through that final 10 feels like an accomplishment every time. It is the best change I’ve made in my life! Read more.

– Brandilyn S
Jaimee C Pure Barre Story

"When traveling on business I always locate the nearest studio.  Since starting in San Diego, I have been relocated to Las Vegas and then to Portland always choosing a home based on proximity to a Pure Barre Studio. During the transitions I always find my own center as well as a welcoming community at the Barre."

– Jaimee C.
Pure Barre Story Judith D

"I  have been a flight attendant for 26 years and used to experience a lot of lower back pain. That is gone!  I also have lost a lot of my muffin top.  My arms and shoulders are more defined.  I feel terrific!!"

– Judith D.
Pure Barre Story: Loukia M.

"Not only have I lost 20 pounds and too many inches to count, I have gained my self-esteem and my confidence back. I am choosing healthier eating options and making a lifestyle change, all because of Pure Barre. I feel strong. I feel healthy. I feel unstoppable. For me, Pure Barre has become a symbol of positivity, motivation, empowerment, and inspiration."

– Loukia M.
Pure Barre Baby Bounce Back: Kate

" I was able to get back to Pure Barre classes when my twins were 2 months old and I was a nervous wreck. Through my fears, I walked into my 1st class & was welcomed with such encouragement & positivity. I walked out feeling like I had conquered the world, even though I could barely do anything during class – at least I was there! Fast forward to now, I am back to feeling strong, confident, full of energy & happy! It’s the one part of my day that is just for me and I cherish it. I’m a working mom with 3 kids at home. It’s hard to get to class. It takes a great deal of arranging schedules. But as other Pure Barre addicts will say…it is SO worth it! Thank you!"

– Kate A.
Pure Barre Story: Cheryl's 50th Birthday Celebration!

"I turned 50 on August 11 and my husband and I were talking about what I would like to do. I decided the perfect way to celebrate being 50 was to get a bunch of friends and head to Pure Barre an hour and a half away and we would make a day of it! My husband came up with the perfect surprise and booked the Limo. So much fun! Pure Barre made my 50th birthday one I will never forget!"

– Cheryl T.
Pure Inspiration: Pure Barre Stories

"After having two c-sections pretty much back to back, I felt like I had no ab strength at all. I wanted to feel strong and get toned all over. As soon as I tried my first class, I was hooked! This was by far the most challenging workout I've done thus far and I felt every tiny movement. For the first time in two years, I felt my abs! My stomach is now my powerhouse. I definitely plan to continue coming to Pure Barre!"

– Nicole D.
Pure Inspiration: Pure Barre Stories

“I have seen inches melt away. I see my waist again and love the sculpting in my arms and legs. I am stronger and have more stamina. The workout never gets easier and I am proud when I can finish each one. 'Just two more changes' are words that have taken on a whole new meaning for me!”

– Candice
Pure Inspiration: Pure Barre Stories

“I could talk about Pure Barre for hours. How it makes me feel, the amazing friends I’ve met through it, the discipline and hard work it’s taught me, the great philosophy that makes the studio run – the list goes on! I am so passionate about it – I am constantly thinking about it and can’t wait to go to the next class. I can’t remember ever being so in love with any of my hobbies or things I do! I finally found my ‘thing.’ Besides the amazing physical changes, I just feel so at peace once I get to the studio each day; it’s my happy place. For the rest of the day afterward, I feel great.”

– Kate
Pure Inspiration: Pure Barre Stories

“I am a size smaller, I have visible ab definition (WHAT?!), and I can feel tension leaving my body and mind within the first 10 minutes of class. When I wake up in a bad mood, I'm always happy by the time I leave my 6 a.m. class. My mom and I are business partners, and we just had a discussion in which she told me she'd noticed how different (less stressed and pressured) I seemed at work. I am immensely grateful that I took that first class a year ago.”

– Hannah
Pure Inspiration: Pure Barre Stories

“My mom and I go to class every morning during the week at 6 am. What I love most about going at that time is seeing my mom, getting a great workout in and the way I feel for the rest of the day. The staff is always so friendly and it feels like a family atmosphere (even at 6 a.m.) I also love the results I’ve seen and continue to see!”

– Alexandra
Pure Inspiration: Pure Barre Stories

“You can work out at any gym, but you will never experience the results that you will see from being dedicated to Pure Barre. What I love most is the control you develop over your body with each class and the feeling of knowing that everyone around you in class has the same control and dedication.”

– Jane
Pure Inspiration: Pure Barre Stories

“I didn't work out during my last pregnancy and ate the worst foods. With these habits, I had to be induced 3 weeks early. My current pregnancy has garnered praise from my doctors thanks to Pure Barre and my inspiration from the ladies at the barre to eat healthy.”

– Carla

“At the age of 40, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. During my first Pure Barre class, I found within the walls of that studio everything I was looking for! I felt like I could conquer the world after each class. I felt a mind/body connection that I did not know existed. I also noticed when I took time off from classes that my ankles felt weak, my shins felt stiff and my symptoms return.”

– Julie
Tom Scholten

Since I have joined Pure Barre, the difference in myself has been amazing! I have so much more energy, agility and I am far more active with my son, Dominic! It sure makes it easier for me, a 50+ Dad, when running the nightly races down the hallway, to getting up and down and up again to play games with my 4 year old. My overall body and mind transformation has benefited my relationship with my son in so many ways. Seeing this change in myself and my family puts a brighter smile on all of our faces. Thank you Pure Barre for making me the best Dad I can be!

– Tom
Adam Andersen - Naperville

With two young boys I found the contrast in energy and willingness to be active between me and them very striking, after about six weeks into Pure Barre I noticed I spent more time outdoors with my children, and playing with them once we reached the park instead of looking for the nearest bench to park my ‘seat’. This is time I won’t get back, and I’m really happy to be more active!

– Adam

I can honestly say, in 6 short months of taking Pure Barre, the transformation in my body is unprecedented. Not only do my clothes fit better, but I am physically stronger, more confident, my flexibility and even my posture has improved. It's 55 minutes of my day that allows me to focus on nothing else but developing a toned and more balanced me.

– Claudia

Pure Barre has been a life changer. It truly has made me a stronger person physically and mentally. It has become part of my daily routine. At class I am surrounded by inspiring women and one of them happens to be my daughter Kayla. She is amazing in many ways, but when I see the strength she has in Pure Barre I know she will have the strength to succeed in life.

– Shelly
Pure Barre Naples_Ericka and Dona

Shortly after I started to take Pure Barre, I knew I had to get my mother here. When she first began she thought she was "too old" for this type of workout but stuck with it and quickly realized that anyone can LTB. Her back pain diminished and she quickly became as addicted as I am. My mother is my best friend and I am excited for any new experience we can share. Pure Barre truly becomes part of your life, it brings a smile to your face and transforms your body in a way like no other exercise.

– Ericka
Pure Barre Santa Rosa - Shelly and Ashley Singleton

My mom and I have always had a close relationship.  So when I opened my first Pure Barre studio in 2010 it seemed natural that she would be my manager.  I love having her in the studio with me- there is no one you trust more than your mom!  She gives me great advice and feedback.  This is comforting because I know she has my best interest in mind.  We both love the workout and truly believe in the Pure Barre lifestyle.

– Ashley
Naples_Roxanne and Melody

I learned about Pure Barre when I was, ironically, studying for the Bar Examination in Miami. There was a studio in Coral Gables and a friend took me along with her to a class as a way to de-stress after a long day at the library. I noticed a change immediately in my mood and, over time, with my body. I felt stronger, healthier, and happier and I knew my mom had to get on board as well. We both love the classes and being able to spend time together. We have our favorite moves (and our not-so-favorite ones) and we know what each other’s strengths and weaknesses are (I can't hold a plank to save my life) so that we can motivate each other through the tough parts. My mom is my best friend and I am so thankful to be able to do one of our favorite activities together. I love the workout, but it's that time I spend with her that makes me look forward to it even more.

– Melody
Dayton_Danielle and Karen Elam

I speak for both my mom and I when I say that the benefits of Pure Barre have been endless thus far, but I think the ones that I appreciate the most are: Mentally- the absolute focus the exercises require which reminds me so much of my years of dressage training and finally fills in that missing piece!  Physically- the absolute transformation that I have seen in both our bodies- I feel ready for my wedding dress this August and my 63 year-old hot mama has the legs of someone half her age!

– Danielle & Karen
Red Bank_Amanda and Joanna

We love that Pure Barre is something that we can do together as mother and daughter. We continue to motivate each other to keep going through the Final Ten and last 30 seconds as many times a week as we can!

– Amanda & Joanna
Oceanside_Mary McDonald and Danielle Adams

Through the years, my daughter Danielle and I have always loved working out together.  We started out spinning and moved on to kickboxing.  We have found our niche at Pure Barre.  We motivate each other to show up for the classes...the instructors do the rest!  Lift, tone, burn!!

– Mary

"My mom and I love coming to Pure Barre together as a way to start off our "girls day" on Saturday and as a great way to unwind from a long week together. We enjoy being able to push each other to work harder at the barre and I always have fun when my mom is in class with me. Pure Barre has not only lifted and toned our bodies but brought us closer together, working out together like we used to when I was little."

– Kacie
Pure Barre Naples - Claudia and Susan Lode

Ever since I was young, my mum and I have liked to exercise together, however we could never find something we both really enjoyed to do. Since my mum introduced me to Pure Barre I have become addicted, and we've both finally found something we enjoy to do together. Now, my mum and I try to go together as often as possible. Thanks to Pure Barre my mum and I have found something we both love to do together!

– Claudia

Pure Barre is so much more than just a workout- It really is like a family - a group of women who genuinely want others to succeed and grow. It was only natural that I wanted my Mom and younger sister, Molly, to also be part of my experience because there are no two other women on this planet who I enjoy spending time with more than them.   We've always been an active family, but we've never really found a great workout we can enjoy together until Pure Barre. I absolutely love looking to my left and my right at the barre and seeing two of the strongest and inspiring women I know.

– Megan

I am a 54 year old mother of three who was in desperate need of toning-- everywhere!  Three c-sections, aging and gravity made me feel like I was hurtling down a slippery slope towards old age.  Two amazing-looking friends of mine encouraged me to try Pure Barre. Now, my abs are more defined and in places where I haven't seen definition in 25 years!  I now have a Pure Barre ledge that would make even Jennifer Lopez jealous and I feel incredibly confident and (dare I say it) sexy.  I just finished my 100th class and I am so proud of myself.

– Lisa S
Pure Barre Client Gillian Nichol

With almost 100 classes under my belt, I still haven’t put my finger on what makes Pure Barre so addicting. Maybe it’s the technique, the atmosphere or the fantastic encouragement from the owners and instructors. Or maybe it’s knowing that I am getting stronger every day. Whatever it is, I know that I will be forever grateful for finding a community of fantastic people and a soothing exercise routine that puts a smile on my face. Give it a try, bring a friend. It will be the start of a new you!

– Gillian
Pure Barre Client Emily Nilson

I started going to Pure Barre after hearing both my cousin and co-worker rave about how amazing of a workout it is.  In less than six months of going to Pure Barre, I have lost 24 pounds and countless inches – literally, I’ve stopped counting! I’ve lost 4 pant sizes and have noticed such a difference not only in how I look, but most importantly, how I feel.  I have never stuck with a workout this long, and I love that I actually look forward to going to class – it has become such a priority in my life, and I go 6-7 times per week.  There are not enough words to describe the benefits of Pure Barre – I tell everyone I know about it and have gotten several friends and co-workers to start going with me.  I love the Pure Barre life!

– Emily

Last year I had a very painful back injury which ended up in me undergoing back surgery. This was a scary time and after four months off work and resting I decided I needed to try get fit again. I’d lost a lot, if not all, of my core strength and felt very squishy round the edges! After my first Pure Barre class I completely fell I love with it, so much I went back the next day and the week after! I am a flight attendant and can’t always make it into the studios, so I  also bought the ball and the DVD from the Pure Barre website and try to do it as many times a week as I can at home. When I do have time to do it 3/4 times a week I really notice a difference, especially on my tummy and hips! I also notice I don't suffer with as much back pain - it makes me feel great, strong and toned!

– Caroline

I am not a “fitness person” but I understand the importance of regular physical activity. I tried aerobics in the 80s, step class in the 90s, a gym membership in the early 2000s and most recently, running. Everything was short lived. I didn’t like it and found excuse after excuse not to go. I had to work and couldn’t leave on time. I needed to sleep and couldn’t get up early. I couldn’t afford the gym membership. Flash forward to May 2013.  I recently completed my first challenge at Pure Barre: 20 classes in 30 days. My body is different. Stronger. Leaner. I sleep better. I am less stressed. I am happier. I schedule work around Pure Barre. I go to classes at 530 AM. Pure Barre is part of our budget. I love the positive energy I get from Pure Barre. I am closing in on 100 classes with many goals ahead of me-and no more excuses.

– Melanie
Pure Barre Client Steve Siegal

I have worked out my entire life. I have logged a lot of miles running, biking, swimming, hiking, and lots more of weight training, aerobics (does anybody remember disco?), and Pure Barre is one of the best workout routines I have ever done, period. It is a total body workout and that is what I love about it. It is an excellent compliment to every sport no matter what you love to do.

– Steve
Pure Barre Bride Alicia Easter

I feel like I need to give Pure Barre Okemos a huge shout out. In the last 3 months I've lost 8lbs and I have a lot more energy. The teachers there are so friendly and they really get to know you and motivate you each class you go. For the first time in my life I look forward to working out and it doesn't seem like a chore, it really is an "hour all for myself." I got married on January 4th and thanks to Pure Barre,  I felt beautiful and confident on my wedding day- thank you!!!

– Alicia
Pure Barre Client Emma Baker

In the fall of 2012 I was in total control of my life. I was a 24-year-old graduate nursing student looking to start a new career. I had my own downtown apartment, a bustling social life, and finished my first half marathon. In November, however, everything changed. After what I thought was a routine surgery to remove a cyst, I was diagnosed with metastatic thyroid cancer.  I had another surgery to remove my thyroid and 33 more lymph nodes.  In January I had to complete an iodine treatment that left my body so radioactive I had to be kept in near-complete isolation for days. While I was repeatedly assured that I would be physically fine, I was not so well mentally. It is very difficult to describe, but I felt like my body was fighting against me. In April, I decided that I needed to take a step to better my mental health and thought that resuming physical activity would be a good place to start. Pure Barre was the exact combination of physical and mental challenge that I needed. This connection continues to help me remember that my mind controls my body, not the other way around, and carries over from the studio into my everyday life.

– Emma

I had a work injury that made my shoulder very weak and raising my arm almost brought me to tears. A friend told me to try Pure Barre and to just work at my own pace. I completed my first class without thinking about my shoulder injury! I have continued to attend classes and my shoulder has improved tremendously! Even though I feel like my shoulder is back to normal, I will keep doing Pure Barre because I love it so much!

– Brittany
pure barre enthusiast darbi zeisler

After having 11 surgeries in a 4 year span, I was diagnosed with Crest Syndrome (an autoimmune disorder) 2 ½ years ago, which answered a lot of questions and actually helped me understand what was going on with my body. Now that I have my medications, vitamins, and nutrition under control, I feel so much better. I just needed to add the exercise element into my new lifestyle change. For about a year I tried many things from walking, different video exercise tapes, etc. but like many couldn’t find “the right thing for me”, until Pure Barre. My first class was so incredibly difficult, but I knew immediately that this was right for me. This is what I was searching for so long. Every day that I went to class, I could feel myself getting stronger, and I was feeling better. I have never felt intimidated, or out of place at Pure Barre. We all come in different shapes and sizes. We all have our own reasons why we are there, but we are all there to better ourselves. I have never felt a sense of judgment, only encouragement and motivation, not only from the staff but with the fellow classmates (now friends) as well. I am not perfect, but everyday I’m getting closer and closer to where I want to be. Whether it’s the encouraging words, the friendly smile, the compliments, or the little push from the instructors these are huge motivators for wanting to keep coming back.

– Darbi

For the past several years my life has been greatly impacted by the constant pain and lack of mobility due to severe arthritis in my hips. In 2012 I was placed on the mobility impaired list at work, unable to safely exit the office building without assistance. For someone who had always had an independent and active lifestyle, this was a very humbling time in my life. I had my first hip replacement November, 2012 followed by my second in February 2013. Though the pain was gone, recovery was slow, and my muscles had atrophied. With my daughter’s encouragement, I started my Pure Barre journey November 23, 2013. I had seen the physical and spiritual transformation in her, and her enthusiasm is impossible to resist. Within the first week I was hooked. Within a few weeks, I was experiencing flexibility and strength in my body that I thought I would never have again. Each class brings a new challenge, a new accomplishment, and an answered prayer. The instructors, staff and clients are the most wonderful, encouraging and loveable people I have ever encountered. Last Friday I completed my 50th class! I can’t imagine a day without Pure Barre.

– Molly
Pure Barre Enthusiast, Carrie Mitran

After two and a half months of attending class anywhere from three to five times per week I have become obsessed with Pure Barre. The thing I love about Pure Barre is that the results that you see are directly correlated with the hard work that you put in. It's just that simple, you put the work in, you SEE the results. Pure Barre is not only an intense set of exercises that shapes your body, it's simply a brilliant workout technique!

– Carrie

Thank you to Pure Barre Bellevue! I retired my swimming suit when I turned 40 (many years ago) so on my vacation last week in Hawaii everyone was surprised to see me in a bikini in my 50s. I started working out with Pure Barre about six months ago and have been thrilled with the results. All of the great core work we’ve done also made it possible for me to paddle board while on the same vacation. I’ve never had a workout give me results so quickly. The staff is incredibly friendly and knowledgeable and has encouraged me every step of the way. I recommend Pure Barre to everyone I meet. I’m one of your biggest fans!

– Yvonne

Would you believe after suffering with osteoarthritis in one knee and a torn meniscus in the other knee for a number of years and trying a number of exercise programs and still walking around stiff legged (I'm 69 years old) I joined Pure Barre and for the first time since 2009 my legs and knees are not stiff and painful!

– Linda

I began Pure Barre after I had an injury to my ankle and Achilles' tendon. It is the only workout which makes me feel as good as running does. I have noticed an increase in my strength that wasn't there with running. I can now see how the two can have a synergistic effect on the body. Thanks Pure Barre for helping me to maintain my sanity while healing from injuries!

– Amy

After almost losing my legs from the knees down in 2000 and two major abdominal surgeries I was not sure I could ever get back to my old self. When I was younger I was a competitive ice skater. Believe me when I say I never thought I could handle any type of fitness program. Since I was introduced to Pure Barre by my dear friend I have been religiously going to class 4-5 times per week. I cannot believe the changes I am seeing and I live to go to class! It is a part of my day and I have such a sense of accomplishment afterward. Pure Barre is the gift I give myself that keeps on giving.

– Tina

Pure Barre to me means working with grace (lift), attention to detail (tone), and pushing your comfort zone (burn). I started doing barre over a year and a half ago to rehab a foot injury from running. I feel which caused a bone in my foot to move out of place and surgery wasn't a good option. At the time I had trouble just standing on my foot for long periods of time. Pure Barre strengthened everything in my legs from my feet to my seat and more. When I came back to running I was stronger than ever before and faster. I went from an 11 minute mile to 8:30. I never knew my body could shake the way it does in barre but still have the strength to finish the exercises. Now in everything I do I know I'm stronger than I think and I push my comfort zone. I'm so grateful I tried Pure Barre and am now an addict for life.

– Rebecca

I work in a rehabilitation hospital as an occupational therapist. Part of the rehab process is strengthening and endurance, particularly on the cardio-pulmonary unit where I primarily work. Many times, the patients have been in bed for months and they are extremely deconditioned throughout their entire body. From Pure Barre, I have learned so much about my own body and the small, little muscles that need just as much love as the big ones. So I incorporate a bit of Pure Barre into my rehab sessions. I have been a therapist for a few years now, but Pure Barre has shown to be so effective in making me strong and in tune with my muscles that I feel strongly that it will work for others who are starting with nothing.

– Erin

One of my resolutions for 2013 was to “lead by example” in fitness for my kids. After a few Pure Barre classes, I was immediately hooked: I loved how humbled I was by the sheer challenge of the classes. In January, my studio offered a “60-day challenge” which I participated in and completed: 50 classes in 60 days. Now I’m doing the studio’s bridal challenge, 70 classes in 90 days, in preparation for my role as an officiant for my sister’s wedding in August. I’m down over 10 pounds and noticing amazing changes in my body and level of strength. Better yet, my enthusiasm for exercise has returned. At 45, I feel like I’m just at the beginning!

– Anna

My daughter and I discovered Pure Barre and have been hooked ever since! We love being fit and healthy and exercising together. It has been great bonding time for us. We love the vibrant music,instructors and the entire challenge!

– Arlene & Amanda

I haven't been working out for years, and as a single working mom, budgeting my time and finances made it even more out of reach. Then, a dear friend from college (a million years ago!) inspired me to try Pure Barre. Being over 40, I guess I have to work a little harder and be a little more patient with results (darn muffin top!), but the Pure Barre Charleston team is so supportive and inspirational, and I can't imagine ever being without Pure Barre! Thank you from the bottom of my healthier heart for my lifestyle improvement.

– Jules

Pure Barre has been an important addition to my quest to keep my body healthy and strong in middle age (I am 55). When years of clean eating and walking for exercise have not been enough to keep me from seeing my mother whenever I looked in the mirror (yikes), I stepped up to the barre. I am finding strength and muscle tone that I thought were long gone. I love the intensity of the workout and know that after that hour, I'm a better person for having been there!

– Leanne

This workout is bar none the best overall for the body.

– Amanda

Pure Barre is a huge part of my life! It is the best workout I have ever done. Also, I have met so many awesome people through Pure Barre- that includes my amazing boyfriend! We've been together for almost a year and we're still enjoying doing Pure Barre together and hanging out with our "Pure Barre Family." Going to Pure Barre is one of the best decisions I've made!

– Lauren

I became a Pure Barre addict this past Fall and I cannot live without it. However, Pure Barre is an addiction of the best kind! I start my day at an 8:30am Pure Barre class and it leaves me feeling balanced and ready to tackle the day. Not to mention it has transformed my thighs, seat, abs and arms to beyond bikini ready for summer!

– Laura

My Pure Barre life is lived through goal setting, reflection, and inspiration. I set weekly goals and normally aim for at least 5 classes/week. I use my time in Pure Barre to collect my thoughts, have quiet time, and focus on improving my body. The reflection comes when I look into the mirror and see what I can do in just 55 minutes! The instructors at Pure Barre are inspiring, each one of them has a heart of gold and works closely with you to push you to your max.

– Anne

I am a new mom, pediatrician, and cardiologist. Pure Barre has been a life changing practice for me and has helped me with my focus and overall strength. Its helped me integrate a high level of mindfulness into my physical fitness in a way that has strengthened and protected my body from injury.

– Manisha

When I was told that Pure Barre would change my life, I didn't realize that my friend wasn't just referring to the physical aspect of my body. Joining Pure Barre has most definitely been the greatest decision in life. Not only have I regained my enthusiasm, strength and flexibility for dance (which I do as well) but I gained a second home. The Huntington Beach Pure Barre studio has introduced me to not only great instructors who truly know what they're doing and how to make it fun, but a group of caring friends that encourage each and every one of us.

– Dania

Being a nursing student is busy, stressful, and exhausting. I have found with Pure Barre that this hour of my day energizes, conditions, and relieves me on a daily basis. Couldn't imagine life without it!

– Maggie

Two words for Pure Barre: curiously addictive. I plan my week around my Pure Barre classes. It keeps me grounded, focused and less stressed (nothing is stress free). Plus my husband loves my butt.

– Rebecca

I make going to class a priority! It is the best thing I have done for my mental and physical health and when I'm not in the studio at least 4 times a week, I feel off my game. When I'm in a bad mood, my husband hands me my socks and says, "go to class!" Ha ha! I have also never stuck to a workout regime as long as I have with Pure Barre. It is my refuge!

– Megan

I am addicted to the rush and strength I feel after each Pure Barre class! Results have been amazing! I am all in! I tuck in my car driving the kids to school. I bought the DVD's just in case I cannot make a class! I LOVE PURE BARRE!

– Michelle

All my life, working out has been such a chore. Before I started Pure Barre, I would dread exercise, drag myself to the gym for cardio, and count down the minutes until it was over. Since discovering Pure Barre (PB), though, that has completely changed. Having been a loyal fan of PB for about a 1.5 years now, I can truly say it has not only changed my body, but it has changed my outlook on exercise and staying healthy. I look forward to the classes; the workout, the motivating music, the camaraderie and that moment of utter burn when I have to ask myself,

– Emily

I was looking for a low impact, toning exercise regime to supplement my tennis, about a year ago. The results have been amazing and I am hooked. Not only has it improved my body but I have also seen benefits in my tennis game. I go 3-4 times a week and am actively promoting Pure Barre to my friends. Pure Barre has become my new lifestyle and I am "hooked"!

– Katharina

As a personal trainer I find that I need someone to teach and train me in my off time. Pure Barre is a great studio and has classes that do just that! I love the workout and am always sore from the tough moves!

– Liz

I have become obsessed! Always a runner, I have completed several marathons and was ready to embrace an easier workout... Pure Barre was not it! Pure Barre has put me in the best shape of my life. I feel like it has made me a stronger marathon runner! Thanks to all the teachers at Pure Barre!

– Jody

Pure Barre has changed my body! I use to be a runner but had multiple injuries over the years which forced me to find a new love (with less impact on my joints). I've done yoga and pilates for years, which I still enjoy, but after my first Pure Barre class I was hooked. Just after a few classes I could see the change in my abs. I travel a lot for work so it’s nice that I can take the videos on the road with me and also can check out studios in different cities.  When I'm home I try to go 4-5 days a week and crave it when I wait too long in between classes.  Overall I have lost around 15 lbs but I notice that my legs are longer and leaner and my abs and arms are more defined.  I feel like Pure Barre is a great intensive workout that you can pair with a healthy eating routine for success.

– Stacey

Pure Barre classes have helped my running! I also travel extensively and try to find a class out of town. Pure Barre has taken inches off of me! Thank you Sarasota & Cincinnati studios for making me lean & mean!!!

– Melissa

As a long time runner, Pure Barre helped me strengthen and stretch some of the muscles running missed, improving my overall wellbeing. As a health care professional, I aim to practice what I preach to my patients and taking about Pure Barre is a great way to show off!

– Lauren

I'm an ultra-marathon runner, but have always hated strength training. I even hired a trainer for a year to try to force myself to do more of it, but still seemed to always find an excuse or way out. Pure Barre is a totally different story and I love coming to class every day and have seen a significant improvement in my trail running, especially hills, because of it. I have also noticed a lot of changes in my body as I have gotten leaner every week since I've started.

– Wende

When I started Pure Barre I had just finished my second half marathon and decided to take a break from running. I've recently picked running back up and expected to have lost some of my conditioning. Instead, I actually shaved a minute off of my mile and feel like I'm not even exerting myself as much as I used to. The only explanation is Pure Barre. I love that I can spend just 55 minutes working out and feel like I've made every second count toward my goals. It is the most efficient workout I've ever done. Five months later, class is still as challenging and exciting for me as day one!

– Carrie

I consider myself an athlete. After competing at Ironman Arizona twice, running eight marathons and competing at countless other triathlons and running races, I came to Pure Barre in need of something different. After the first class I thought “maybe this isn't challenging enough for me?” This thought didn't last long. The next morning I could barely move I was so sore!  Six weeks later, not only can I see physical results, thinner thighs, more toned arms and a lifted seat, I can't imagine starting my day any other way!

– Paige

From the minute I began my Pure Barre wedding journey I have felt confident, strong and have reached my personal fitness goals. Every time I walked into the studio, I did it with a smile, knowing I was at a place where they cared about ME and wanted to help me achieve my goals. I never dreamed I would lose weight or better yet lose the amount of weight I wanted before the big day

– Kim

I joined Pure Barre Wilmington as a last ditch attempt to tone up before my wedding. I have never successfully stuck to a workout program in the past and have tried several other programs that never kept me coming back. Pure Barre changed all of that. Another participant in my very first class told me that it was "addictive" and she was completely right. From the very first class I was hooked. I started coming to classes between five and six times a week and the results have been unbelievable. In just two months, I have lost 10 pounds and 4 inches. I can see muscle definition all over my body and for the first time in a while, I felt confident rocking a bikini at the beach.

– Ashley

Pure Barre helped me prepare for my Hawaiian wedding! The classes have helped me look and feel stronger and have encouraged me to try more things. I now feel like I can keep up with my friends on runs, hikes and cursing down the slopes all winter! I have also been inspired to change my diet and have lost almost 30 lbs! Thanks Pure Barre for helping me feel healthy and energized!

– Amanda

With a combination of great eating habits and a love for running, I used Pure Barre to prepare for my wedding and never looked better!

– Kalyn

I have been taking Pure Barre on and off for 2 years. However, when I got engaged, I really started committing myself to Pure Barre in order to get in shape for my wedding. It has paid off. My back and arms and stomach are getting toned. I can't wait to see the results in my mermaid style wedding dress!

– Meghan

I love Pure Barre! I wasn't so into at first but after about 4 classes it began to grow on me so much that I chose Pure Barre to get me in shape for my upcoming wedding and I have been an avid kickboxing, spinning, high intensity workout person for years!

– Kelli

How you know you're obsessed with Pure Barre: Your boyfriend proposes to you, and your response is "OH MY GOD!!! I can get the Pure Barre bride-to-be package!" (while crying). How you know you have found your soul mate: He comes to a Pure Barre couples class with you and tucks his heart out!

– Pariya

I am a law student and a future bride, so getting to the gym during my very limited time off was nearly impossible even though I needed to get into wedding shape. Then a friend told me about Pure Barre. I have never been a dancer, in fact, I played sports my entire life and did not have much flexibility. Pure Barre changed all that in a comfortable environment. Not only am I addicted to the high energy workouts now, but I have seen results. No other work out classes or diets have changed my body the way that Pure Barre has. Now I am wedding ready, and have found a work out I am passionate about!

– Rachel

Having continued regular classes at Pure Barre throughout this pregnancy, I will deliver my son this week having gained a healthy 28 pounds. Between my body shape and my energy level, I not only feel like the picture of pregnancy health, but I have been told by a countless number of people that I look it, as well. No one can believe that I’m 9 months pregnant; I tell them all about Pure Barre! The lift, tone and burn of PB has allowed me to keep my arms toned, maintain a waist, continue to be proud of the definition in my legs and grow that coveted “basketball” of a pregnant stomach.

– Emily

I discovered Pure Barre after my first baby was born late 2012. Like all mom’s to be, I swore I wouldn’t gain too much weight in pregnancy. Like a lot of mom’s do, I did anyway! I worked out while pregnant, but ate a brownie too many while carrying Jackson, my son. 50 pounds later, I became a mom for the first time, and desperately needed a way to shed the baby weight and get back to my old self. 6 weeks after delivering my perfect little man, I took my first Pure Barre Class. The rest is history. 5 Months after having Jackson, I had lost all 50 pounds. I am now 7 months post birth and truly feel like my old self again. It isn’t a workout that I plan to do to lose weight, then fade off into the sunset. It has become part of my day, week, and life!

– Kim

When I hit my 30s my metabolism started to slow down. When I got pregnant with my daughter for the first time I started freaking out about how I was going to lose the baby weight postpartum. You are already an emotional mess with all the hormones circulating, and to stress out about weight is like a heavy brick just weighing you down. While I was pregnant someone from work told me about Pure Barre. My first class was a funny experience. I was initially intimidated by the fit looking ladies when I showed up. But the instructor was super helpful and I eased into the first class and completed most of the moves with semi grace. Then I become addicted to the Pure Barre lifestyle and after 2-3 months, I was in better shape than before I was pregnant, especially much more toned in my arms, core, butt and thighs. Some of it might be from carrying the baby around, but I give the credit to Pure Barre. Most important is I enjoy the class and the motivation it provides. I just had my second baby 2 weeks ago so I look forward to returning to the studio and continuing the Pure Barre life...

– Melody

I had a baby 11 months ago and have struggled getting my prebaby body back. I love how Pure Barre realigns my posture and tones my problem areas. It's awesome!

– Caitlyn

I have been doing Pure Barre since I had my baby a few months ago, and I feel like my body is better than before pregnancy (I worked out all the time before my baby and quite a bit during pregnancy). My husband thinks it's better than ever, at least :) I'm very thankful for how Pure Barre relieves stress and makes me feel great all around. Even though I'm so busy with a newborn and working full-time in medical sales, I still make time for Pure Barre 4-5 times a week! Thank you for having an amazing workout studio in my city!

– Katie

Pure Barre has changed my life! I've practiced this technique for 5 years now and it's changed my body for the better. Even after having 2 children, Pure Barre has kept me in shape and I was able to bounce back easily.

– Emily

As a mom of a newly one year old, my weekly tucking sessions have made a huge improvement in my post baby body. I weigh less than I did before I was pregnant! It's a great outlet on my weekends, and helps me stay strong and healthy and full of energy to keep up with my toddler! And for the first time in a long time, I actually love my bathing suit body. Thank you Pure Barre!

– Jessica

After my 3rd baby (and after I turned 35) I started to have a hard time losing weight, and my mid-drift became a lot thicker. I used to run, but I had back surgery in 2012 and was told that running was the worst exercise for me. I started to attend Pure Barre and was hooked. I have gone back to my pre-baby weight, and I have lost a few inches off of my waist. I have not had any further back pain, and I'm more flexible. I love that Pure Barre classes are throughout the day so that I can work it into my busy schedule. Improving my health at Pure Barre has inspired me to eat healthier, given me more energy, and has made me feel better about myself!

– Stacey

I want to take a few moments to thank you for all the encouragement and support the Pure Barre staff have given me in my post- baby weight loss journey! I can proudly say that Baby Jay just turned 8 months on Friday and I am at my goal weight of 120lbs!! You have no idea what a struggle it was for me to lose this weight (both mentally and physically.) I am so excited that I can inspire other women in our classes when they look at me and say

– Lindsay

I just had a baby and unfortunately didn't lose any weight breastfeeding. Thank goodness for Pure Barre! With the Baby Bounce Back package, I dropped 14 pounds in 3 months!!!!

– Amanda

I am so thankful for Pure Barre. It has completely helped me lose the last of the baby weight. As a working mom of three young kids, Pure Barre has not only been a great physical benefit it has really helped me mentally find balance and realize how hard I can push myself.

– Emme

Since my friend Amber started me on Pure Barre, it has been my supplement to my running. With an 8 month old son, I'm eager to finish losing the baby weight (12 more lbs to go). Pure Barre is helping me get my body back and have a great outlet.

– Nicole

I just had a baby and am ready to have my body (and mind!) back. Pure Barre gives me a reason to escape the madness at home & I get an hour of peace and an amazing workout!

– Cori

I am a happy, healthy, mom and wife that lives a Pure Barre lifestyle! I have been married for five years, and have a 2.5 year and an almost 4 month old. I had my daughter in January and five weeks later, I was ready to get healthy and lose my extra weight. I had a friend introduce me to Pure Barre and fell in love with it after the first class. I realized taking an hour a day was good for my health and wellbeing and I became a better wife and mother. I am a full time working mom and find the flexible class schedule fits my needs. I go to Pure Barre either before or after work and sometimes on my lunch hour! I find I eat healthier, and make wiser choices because I live a Pure Barre lifestyle. I have lost 50 pounds since I gave birth to my daughter and feel I get healthier every day I LTB!

– Kelly

I have never been one to stick to an exercise program but since starting at Pure Barre in Savannah, I have been going faithfully 4-5 times a week. It is not like anything I have ever done before. Sometimes when I am in class and I shaking so bad I want to scream, it is hard to remember why I am doing this. I am doing this because my body is getting stronger, leaner, tighter. That little roll that proudly bears my son

– Courteney

I’m 34 years old and have been a workout junkie for 20 years. Running. Yoga. Pilates. Step. Aerobics. Hip Hop. Spinning. I loved it all! I got pregnant in 2010, gained 32 pounds, and when my sweet baby Isla was one, my little family and I moved to Charleston to open the area’s first all organic café. My stubborn, post pregnancy fifteen pounds came with us. I was still running. Still downward dogging. Still eating pretty well. I couldn’t shed it. My size 4 pants moved to the guest room closet. I hadn’t given up, but was, well convinced my body could probably never go back to the way it was. Or could it? On a living social whim I decided to try Pure Barre. I fell in love. The first class was humbling. Full body push-ups. Using muscles I didn’t know exist. Move from my where? Thighs -burning & shaking. But somewhere between Alicia Keys “this girl is on fire” and counting down to that final 10, I became an addict. Aside from the amazing workout & total body transformation (I’ve dropped two sizes and can fit in all my old clothes), Pure Barre is an amazing community of women-we all support one another and have a likeminded love affair with the 55 minutes of lifting, toning, & burning.

– Jenan

I've been a zumba instructor and pilates addict for the past few years, but after having three babies in five years, I knew I needed a change in my workout routine if I wanted to see results. I started going to Pure Barre classes when my last baby was onlyfour months old and wow! I couldn't believe the changes I saw in just a couple months! I quickly went from being a once-a-week students to a 4-5 times a week student and I love every minute of it! My baby will be one year old this week and I can't tell you how many comments I get from friends, family, and even strangers about how great I look. Pure barre has definitely changed my body, but it's also changed my soul. It's my one hour a day to shut off mommy-mode and just focus on myself.

– Brittney