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Our tried and true method can shape every body and fit any schedule. Draw inspiration from our community of women. Achieve the body you’ve always dreamed of. Sweat away the day. Get lost in the music. Find everything you’re looking for in a workout at Pure Barre.

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about our location

Pure Barre Nashville - Green Hills is here to serve the residents of Nashville, TN, Green Hills, Forest Hills, Oak Hill and Belle Meade. We are located on Bandywood Drive across the street from the Nordstrom's parking garage at the Mall at Green Hills. Our incredibly convenient location, coupled with our efficient workouts, makes us the best fitness studio in the area. We are perfect for busy moms, 9-to-5 office workers and anybody else looking to get in the best shape of their lives.

Our workouts are incredibly efficient and comprehensive, hitting all of the important spots on your body. Each class starts off with a group warmup. Then, we use light weights to work the arms before moving over to the barre to firm up the legs and seat. Finally, we hit the floor for a core routine before cooling off as a group. The flow of class always remains the same to put you in a comfortable routine, but the exercises change every day to keep you challenged.

The teachers at Pure Barre Nashville - Green Hills are unique. Nobody here is going to scream in your face during the workout, but they will keep you motivated. We do this by creating an environment of support, respect and friendship. You'll be pumped up right when you enter class with motivational music, and you will work hard for your shared goals of being the best version of yourself.

The barre workout is for everybody. You'll find the movements challenging to hold at first, but you'll eventually see great progress with every workout. Advanced athletes love to use the studio as a way to break up more impactful workouts and for active recovery.

Come see what all the hype is about at Pure Barre Nashville - Green Hills in Nashville. Call us at 615-904-4585 or sign up through the site. Check out our introductory month of unlimited classes for just $99.